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Sunday, 28 February 2016

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On Saturday night I went out to celebrate my birthday. Earlier on that day, I was looking through old pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and was really drawn into the vintage look. My friend from The Red Dutchess created a 1920s inspired updo, which was made even better with the beautiful vintage drop earrings that I received as a gift.
I began my make-up routine by washing my face with ice cold water and applying the Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer. As I let that dry in, I set up my make-up station.
For my base I used the George from Asda Boosting Concealer in fair and applied the Topshop Glow to my cheekbones and forehead. I then blended in. I then used the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in shade Ivory - using my Real Technqiues Buffing Brush. When my base was finished I applied some brown powder to my brows and used my Stilla Eyeshadow Palette  colour 'Instinct' for a golden creamy base. I then used the Soap & Glory 'Perfect Ten' in shade 'Smokin'. I applied this all over my eyelid and then blended in in circular motions. To help soften the black, I applied a small amount of 'Instinct' over my lower lid and brow bone. I added some dazzle using an unbranded eyeshadow. I then did a dramatic winged eye using the NYC liquid Concealer.
I used the Sheer Cover Perfect finish powder over all over my face and neck then used the Sheer Cover Bronzer Block to contour my cheekbones, forehead and nose. I used my Real Techniques Blended Oval Brush.
To highlight my under eye area and nose, I used the Collection Long Lasting Concealer in fair and again used the Blending brush. I then used my unbranded blusher palette to my cheeks and topped of the look with a Rimmel Kate Moss Red Lipstick, Primark Red Lip Liner, Urban Decay highlighting block and the Colour Experts shimmer block on my upper cheekbones.


Friday, 26 February 2016


Hello x
This post has been inspired by the 'This Girl Can' project with sports relief.  
The project celebrates the active and motivated ladies who are doing what they can to achieve a healthy lifestyle, in a fun, manageable and realistic way.
The importance of exercise and activity has great effects on not only the body but the mind. Its about getting out there and trying something new whilst socialising and meeting like-minded people.
My fitness story began a few years ago when I decided to take part in the Derry Half Marathon 2014.
Id previously done the relay for the Derry Half Marathon 2013 - which I can only say was  not a great experience. The relay is 4 miles and I ran 1 and a half miles and walked the remaining 2 and a half miles LOL. I was really unfit and I struggled from the get go. I remember on the day, looking at the runners and thinking 'What an amazing achievement. Someday ill do that'. But I never actually thought I would have. The thought of running 5 mile - let alone 13 mile- was enough of a scary thought.
Therefore when I signed up to the Half in 2014, I was determined to put in the training and stay focused. I began training in early May 2014 with my dad - beginning at running 1 minute and walking 30 seconds and so on twice a week. Eventually my dad got me up to 4 mile - but that wasn't easy. I suffered from the 'runners wall' - where I found myself struggling to be comfortable when running a certain distance. But I stuck at it and kept my goal in sight even though at times I couldn't breath or feel my legs. When I was running 4 mile comfortably, 10 weeks before the event, myself and my dad joined a local running club - Rise - which helped me prepare for the half marathon greatly. I began to get comfortable in my runs and soon enough I was running from Derry to Buncrana !!.
It wasn't always easy, especially the 9am starts on a Sunday morning, but I really began to love running. I loved the effects it had on my mind. When I run, its my time. I put my headphones in and just hit the road. When I completed the half marathon I was on cloud 9. I was smiling from ear to ear my last mile and the support I received at the end was overwhelming. I couldn't believe that within a year, I was the one crossing the finishing line.
It didn't stop there. I was determined to keep up the training as I was really feeling the benefits it had on my body and mind. ** I never began training to loose weight. My body gradually began changing. Don't start running, solely to loose weight. It wont happen over night. It may be a few months before you loose any, but the most important thing is enjoying the time you spend running, rather than fussing over your weight **.
I started to sign up for more Half Marathons, 5ks and 10ks. Then came my first triathlon. Id witnessed my dad take part in the Liam Ball 2014 and he said to me 'Youll be there next year' and I said 'never would I be able to do that' . But he encouraged me, and once again I was determined to take part. So along came the months of prep. Im no triathlete by any means - im more of a 'tri-er' LOL. My biggest concern was the roadbike. Going out, sharing the roads with cars and not knowing how to use my gears (which I still struggle with). But I constantly reminded myself that its for enjoyment becca and not a race. Just go easy and youll be fine. So that's what I did and surely enough my confidence began to grow a bit and my spirits were rising. Which was important because on the day of my first triathlon, my chain nipped on my bike at 7 mile !! but I was adamant to finish and I forgot all about times. I just focused on finishing the race and getting that great Liam Ball trophy lol.
Since I began exercising, my mindset has completely changed. Ive met great people, made so many accomplishments and look forward to my daily workouts. I always enjoy having a goal to work towards and keeping myself focused.
It doesn't matter what size, shape or age you are; being fit is for everyone. It doesn't mean doing a half marathon or triathlon. It could be going a walk everyday, visiting the gym once a week, going for a leisurely swim, attending a local running club i.e. couch to 5k. Its about getting out there and mixing with people whilst doing good for your body and mind.
Take small steps - no one starts out fast or being able to clock 10 miles. It all has to begin somewhere and usually that somewhere is from inside. Feelings of achievement, enjoyment, accomplishment and motivation are the most important factors to anything you choose to do.

So to celebrate Sports Relief, get on board and say This Girl Can