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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Year Sparkle 2016

2015 truly has been a great year for me. I've achieved alot and some things that is never done before. So I'm looking forward to the New Year .

This post is just to give some fashion inspo when out celebrating 2016. There is alot of sparkles in these outfits and why not? It's the New Year. It's time to Shine.

Outfit 1
Black trousers paired with a sparkly top. Here I've given 3 different options. Option 1 a long sleeved slightly cropped top. A great option for wanting to keep warm but still showing some skin. Option 2 a gold slinky vest top. A great option for covering up but keeping shoulders bare for a more glam look. Option 3 this beautiful peplum thick strap top. A great option of you don't want to go too bare up top but still want a little arm shown. The peplum also gives great shape and highlights the waist area.

Outfit 2
This slightly off the shoulder black midi dress with neckline embellishment paired with glittery heels and a glittery clutch to add some sparkle to this LBD

 Outfit 3
My favourite piece of this outfit is the polka dot tights. They will provide some warmth whilst remaining stylish. I've added a large gold necklace and a fine black/gold belt to highlight the waist and to break the black. I've gone with a really sparkly clutch to add some character to the dress.

Outfit 4
This is an outfit I wore to a jazz night recently. I wore black leather like trousers with this very sparkly mesh long sleeved top. I added a red belt, red shoes and a red bag. It's Christmas and I felt this outfit was really festive. 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

What im wearing: 1930s inspired dress

On Friday evening I attended a lovely evening reception with a Christmas theme. It was a really lovely vibe and atmosphere and got me really excited for the next few weeks.
Ive never been to a Winter wedding before so I didn't know what to wear. I didnt want to go full length or too formal but I also wanted a little warmth. Therefore I went with this 1930s inspired dress with a small fur bolero and barely there gold sandals. I kept my make-up very minimal and didn't wear any black on my eyes (only black mascara) as I wanted a bold lip.
Here are a few ideas that ive found for Winter weddings
River Island
I really like the colour and style of the first option. I detail on the back helps balance out the plain on the front. I think the models shoes are perfect with this look as they are not too much. Personally I would add a diamante belt around the middle just to add a bit of sparkle and shape to the waist. I would go with a diamante clutch with drop earrings and my hair up in a vintage do
The second option works for me because of the detailing and the mesh sleeves. Although it is short, the long sleeves keep this dress looking 'warm'. The detailing is beautiful and teamed with dainty black heels and a black clutch, would be a great wedding time look. Again I really like the hair on the model as the dress is busy enough, that an updo doesn't add anymore distraction to the look


Sunday, 15 November 2015

What im wearing: The LBD

When Autumn / Winter strikes we all think about the LBD (little black dress), and on Saturday night I was headed to a Hen Party which required me to wear all black. I choose this basic black dress with these small straps and small keyhole opening. To add a bit of character to the dress I added on my own greyish beaded belt and tied it in a bow at the bank.

I had originally planned on wearing black shoes, a black bag and a sleek updo with red lips but then last minute I decided to change it up a bit and curl my short hair and go with silver shoes and bag to add some sparkle !

For my make-up I wore a strong cat eye and a berry lip. I outlined my lips in a berry / brownish liner and wore a burgundy lipstick over the top. For this look I didn't wear any eye shadow just a primer base with a hint of Topshop glow because I felt that the strong eyeliner, lips and big hair was enough.
The great thing about LBD is that they can be worn with anything. You can add any accessory i.e. a coloured belt and it will transform the dress each time !  

I hope this can inspire you when deciding how to style your LBD this Party season xxx



Friday, 23 October 2015

What I found : Christmas Party / Wedding Season

Late last night I was browsing online passing sometime and remembered about an online clothes shop 'Lily LuLu Fashion' that I used to really like a few years back. So when I came across the page last night I decided to have a look through and found these two beautiful dresses that I thought would be perfect for the upcoming party season or any winter weddings - and with both dresses being under £20.00 I thought it would be a shame not to share

Dress number 1 - £15.00
With this dress, the glistening detail and long sleeves scream instant glamour to me. The spilt at the bottom gives the dress a glamorous feel with the long sleeves adding a more classy vibe. The open neck line shows of the chest area but remaining modest with the added material - great for ladies with a large bust as the open neck line and added material distracts and conceals.
How id wear this dress
I would team with barely there heeled sandals in silver teamed with a silver glittery clutch.
Personally I would add a small fine belt (diamante) to help break the dress and to show off my shape
I would wear my hair in 1940's waves with a red lip, black eye liner and small diamante drop earrings.

Dress number 2 - £10.00
You cant go wrong with an LBD and this dress ticks a lot of boxes. The length is perfect and compliments the skin shown at the shoulders as there isn't too much leg shown. The fishtail bottom is a timeless glamourous look and at Christmas - whether it be a wedding or staff do - we all strive for glamour because this time of year puts no limits of glamour, sparkle and glitter.
How id wear this dress
Because of the fishtail bottom and bare shoulders - I would go simple with this look. I would team with black barely there heeled sandals and a plain black glittery clutch.
For some lift with the dress, I would wear a statement diamond necklace with a simple drop earring.
Personally I would wear my hair up and out of my face - maybe in a vintage beehive style or a messy back braid.
I would follow with a subtle smoky eye and a nude / light pink lip
If you are not keen on having your arms or shoulders on show, then add a simple bolero or scarf shawl
That is my advice of both dresses but everyone is different and may want to style in their own way. I often visualise outfits in my head and hope they come together - sometimes they do and sometimes they don't .

Sunday, 18 October 2015

What im wearing : H&M 70s Dress


So a few weeks back I attended the Foyleside 20th Birthday bash in Town. And to celebrate their birthday, the shops of Foyleside were giving away discounts on their clothes. I had no intention of shopping this day as I don't need anything else but when I seen this dress I decided to try it on. It was the only one left and it happened to be in my size.

I was attracted to the style and colours of the dress. Its a great transition piece that can be worn any time of year and any occasion. I decided to purchase the dress as it was reduced to £10.00 and I got it for £5.00 !!! So I was really happy with that and couldn't pass on that bargain

That night I was meeting a friend at a local bar and wanted to be casual but still a little glam- therefore I wore black barely there heeled sandals with a black/metallic clutch and wore my hair up in braids to show off the lace up detailing at the front. To give the dress some shape and to break the pattern, I added a belt around the upper waist area.
Im also going to wear this dress for a casual occasion teamed with ankle boots and my black leather jacket - a real 70's hippies vibe and next Spring/Summer I can wear the dress to any concerts or festivals as it is lightweight but full length to keep me cool during the day but warm at night.

Recently ive been going by some 'shopping rules' when in town. Before I consider buying anything, I ask myself 'Do I really need this?' and 'What have I already got that I can wear with it?'.

I also try to create a few senarios of when I can wear an item. Just to make sure I don't buy something and then leave it hanging up for a few months !

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

what im wearing : Foylesides 20th Birthday

Hello . .x
On Saturday I attended the 'Face of Foyleside' fashion show held in Foyleside. It was a big weekend for Foyleside as they were also celebrating their 20th birthday.
I spent the day browsing the shops - which were all offering discounts, drinking coffee with fellow blogger The Red Dutchess and watching fashion shows. It was a great chilled out Saturday and therefore I decided to go casual and comfy but wore this cream shirt to make my outfit look a little bit more 'dressed-up'. I was after a long sleeved cream shirt for some time now but couldn't find any that I really liked. And when I stopped looking, I came across this shirt from new look.
I wanted to bring bright Autumn colours into my look so I opted for these orange tights teamed with my baggy patterned shorts and fringed suede jacket. To bring the look together I wore my new brown cross body bag with my brown flat booties from Primark.
Coming into Autumn / Winter, its important to keep warm but still feel comfortable and confident in your own style. If you'd like some colour into your outfit, go for coloured tights or maybe a colour blocked hand bag x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What im wearing: Colour Burst

After attending the Debenhams Beauty Hall launch last Thursday, I was feeling quite inspired by the colours added to make-up.
On Saturday I was meeting a friend for lunch and I felt like I wanted to add some colour into my outfit and kind of step outside the box. On this particular occasion I decided to wave my hair, wear blue eye liner and add a colourful shirt.
To me I felt kind of 80s and I enjoyed the look.
Bringing colour into both my wardrobe and make-up made me feel like fun and it was nice to change up my look.
I opted for a blue eyeliner but if blue is too daring why not try a khaki green or beige tone - just something different from the classic black liner.

For my hair I just followed a childhood memory of putting my damp hair in braids and sleeping in them. When I woke up the next morning and gently placed my straighteners over each braid and then applied hairspray. This look was so effortless but it was a change up  (to avoid frizz, only braid hair when it is damp, maybe 1 hour after washing).

So why not choose a day this week that you will do something different. Maybe a nail polish you have never tried or a hairstyle that you've never created before x



Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bloggers Event @ Debenhams Foyleside

Hello x

On Thursday evening I attended my first bloggers event - The Beauty Hall Launch at Debenhams Foyleside Derry and I had a great evening.

Our evening began at 6pm and was filled with make-up demonstrations, eyebrow tutorials, information on hair removal services, the lowdown on the new latest products, information about skincare and its importance.

We were taken around 3 beauty counters: Benefit, Urban decay & Clinique.

Benefit is well known for their perfect brow and on arrival to the counter we were shown an eyebrow demonstration - how to get that perfect brow using the hair removal theory and make-up.

The product used was their best selling 'Brow Zings'. From the image you can see the difference between the brows from only using this kit (the model has great brows anyway)

Benefit then showed us how to apply make-up and have fun with it. The products used on Hannah were 'they're real push-up liner' in 'beyond purple' and 'they're real mascara' in 'beyond blue'.

I love stepping outside the box with make-up and trying fun looks and both these products are great for those who like to experiment with their make-up but can also be used for a subtle change.

We were then taken into the Benefit hair removal room in which a waxing service is available in store that is suitable for the entire body. This is a new venture for Benefit at Debenhams and this was the first I heard about it, and I think its a great idea because you can get fully prepared for an occasion all in the same place !

Urban Decay

At urban decay we were informed about their products which I found really interesting as ive been a fan of urban decay for many years, ever since my cousin gifted me with an urban decay eye palette aged 16 -which I still use !

The message that urban decay gives to its clients is 'Feminine , Dangerous and Fun' and I couldn't agree more. When I think of the brand I think colour, glitter, shimmer and shine. But they also cater for those who prefer a subtle make-up look through their naked palette ranges !

The counter definitely inspired me and today I thought id go for a bold look and used their 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in shade 'flipside'

We were then provided with a full make-up demonstration which took 10 minutes and the end result was beautiful. A subtle 1940s inspiried make-up look with a black liner flick and red lips.


With a lot of make-up talks and demonstrations, it was interesting to check out clinique which is all focused on skincare and skin protection. Many of us forget about the importance of taking care of our skin. When I was younger I would only have moisturizer every few days and would usually go to bed with my make-up still on but now I'm very strict with my skincare regime. I follow cliniques 3 steps - cleanse, tone and moisturizer.

I had a great time at the event and really want to thank everyone at the Benefit counter, Urban Decay counter, Clinique counter and the staff at Debenhams for making me feel really welcomed. I appreciate my gifts very much and had a great time learning about products, brands, services and meeting up with other local bloggers x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Beauty Review : Botanics

Hello . .x
So for a long time I was using the soap&glory peaches and clean 3-in-1 cleanser and I really loved the product: the smell, texture and results. So when I had ran out I was just going into my local boots to restock. Whilst browsing the aisles, I came across the Botanics products. Id never used this brand before but my friend, who has really gorgeous skin, uses a lot of products from this range so I decided to purchase the Botanics cleanser rather than my soap&glory.
After a week of using the cleanser, I was sold. I loved how it felt on my skin and my skin would feel clean, refreshed and smooth afterwards. It didn't feel tight or dry (which I sometimes experienced from using soap and glory).
About 2 weeks after purchasing the cleanser, I was at my friends house and she was using the Botanics radiance balm. Like I said she has really lovely skin which always looks hydrated, smooth and fresh, so I really wanted to know what she was using !
I tested the radiance balm on my face, after applying my moisturiser and I honestly seen a difference straight away. The dullness around my eyes had disappeared and there was a healthy glow with a hint of shimmer to my skin.
Again I was sold so on the very same day I went straight to my local boots and picked up the radiance balm which was on offer for £2.99 !
Product summaries
Gentle Cleansing cream
Ultra calm with calming marshmallow
''removes make-up and impurities for sensitive skin''
***** my skin feels smooth, fresh and clean after every use. Great for sensitive skin due to the calming properties that help reduce the redness
Radiance balm
All bright with brightening hibiscus
'' softens, brightens for instantly radiant skin for all skin types ''
***** my skin looks and feels more radiant. I use this everyday after moisturising, usually under my Rimmel BB cream but some days on its own with a small amount of blusher. Be careful when opening as the product comes out very fast.

After using a small amount of the radiance balm on my hand. 


Monday, 8 June 2015

How to wear summer brights on wintery nights .x

Hello . .

The title of this post is 'How to wear summer brights on wintery nights'

For it being June and now Summer, the weather hasn't been sunny yet and usually on a night out it is raining and very cold, so rather than reverting back to our wintery wardrobe, im writing this post to show how you can wear summer colours but still remain warm and comfortable . x

I added colour to this outfit with patterned trousers, bright orange heels with a coral bag. I added warmth to my outfit by wearing these ankle grazer bottoms and a mid length jacket (although not shown in the picture).
I added colour to this outfit by wearing a long brightly coloured maxi skirt that provided some warmth, teamed with my bright orange heels and coral bag. Because the skirt is very patterned, I opted for a plain white cropped, off the shoulder top.

In both these outfits I opted for crop tops to create a more 'summery' look.  

This is a day time look that I wore recently on a day trip out to a park. It was quite cold that day but the sun was shinning so I wanted to look summery whilst being warm so I opted for a colour block look, adding the floral shirt to help break the block.

If a full colour block outfit isn't you, then choose one item of bold clothing. This could be a brightly coloured bag, brightly coloured shoes, multi-coloured jewellery or even a colour pop lipstick !

I hope these tips have helped and hopefully soon we will get our sunny summer


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What im wearing : Crop top x

. . Hello x
So a few weeks ago I took part in my first ever triathlon, which I absolutely loved and I feel motivated and inspired to do more in the future.
So to celebrate, I went out for the night and seen some Jazz festival. I decided that I didn't really want to get overly done up because I was tired. Therefore I opted for a casual crop top paired with these black ankle grazers.
To add some colour to the outfit I added my turquoise feathered necklace paired with my turquoise/silver blingy ring and silver sparkly heels.
I wore my hair wavy and clipped back to one side with a smoky eye and pink lippie.
Im always wearing brightly coloured lipsticks because a) I love them and b) they make teeth appear whiter !
I got this crop top from H&M Foyleside Buy here'at such a bargain price £3.99 !! I thought for the price that was great and the crop top has a really nice shape to it and the material is also quite nice.
I know in this outfit im showing some tummy skin, which I was never confident about doing before until I began getting into fitness. Therefore if your wanting to wear this top or any crop top, without showing skin follow my top tips.
Wear with highwaisted bottoms or skirts
Wear top over a plain maxi or midi dress to give the appearance of a skirt and top outfit
Wear a longer top underneath to add length
And lastly, always have confidence in yourself and what you wear

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Beauty review : Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream

.  .Hello x
Im here to review my latest beauty must have at the minute: the Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream.
What is a BB cream? (in my experience)
Through my own experience and definition of a BB or Beauty Balm: a lightweight product, that allows skin to breath, with a more watery consistency than an average foundation - which is a plus as a little goes a long way!!
So a few weeks back I came to the conclusion that my day time make-up was seeming to appear 'too much' for day. As a result I decided to research BB creams and CC creams as well as face tanners. After testing out a few on the inside of my wrist **, I decided that maybe the Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream would be worth a go, especially as it has a built in SPF 15. 
The product offers to minimise appearance of pores, even skin tone, control shine all day, offer smoothness, soothe sensitive skin, conceal dark circles, help prevent blemishes and provides all day coverage.
In my opinion I feel the product does a lot of what it says on the tin. I apply the product at 8.30am each morning and usually remove the product around 9 or 10 pm, which is over 12 hours wear. At this point there isn't much left on my skin but I would agree that it last through-out the day as it covers my sensitive rosy cheeks all day and helps to combat my oily t-zone !
My tips:
Which colour for me? There are only two colours to choose from : Light and Medium. I chose light as I have a more pale complexion.
TIP apply product to the inside of your wrist and blend in, the colour that fades best into your skin is the correct colour for you.
Application - Use fingertip to dot onto the face (only taking a small amount) and blend in using a foundation brush
Price range £6.99 - At local Medicare, Boots and Superdrug

Saturday, 9 May 2015

What im wearing: Culottes x

. . Hello
The 60s / 70s fashion have always been my favourite fashion eras as I love the faux fur, flared jeans, colourful make-up and wavy hair. .
Recently ive been really loving Culottes because they are a good transition piece from Winter - Spring - Summer.
For example the culottes im wearing are very bright and colourful but cover a good bit of leg to keep me warm during the spring when the weather is still a bit cold but looks really sunny. .
Here is a selection of some culottes that are available to purchase online.  .
New Look

Click here
Forever 21

Here are a few of my tips on wearing culottes . .
Wear a fitted top or shirt to provide shape
When wearing patterned culottes, stay with minimum accessories and a plain top with minimal jewellery
When wearing a culottes jumpsuit, wear a thin belt to help break the look and emphasise your waist

Saturday, 25 April 2015

What im wearing: Black & White zebra print

. . Hello . .x
I recently went on a night and decided that I wanted to wear my hair up as I usually wear it down either wavy or curly. So I opted for a braided updo, with big earrings and a more dramatic make-up look.
I chose to wear this figure hugging dress to make the look more 'done-up' because of the casual hair. With my hair out of my face, I went for a smoky eye (using purples, greys and blacks) paired with a subtle pink lip. I love experimenting with my make-up and each time I always change up the colours either with eyeliner, eye shadow, blusher or lippie..


A tip that I learnt by doing this look: Line lower lash line with a nude pencil rather than a white pencil. I found my eyes appeared a lot more brighter and fresh using the nude opposed to a white pencil . .

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to : Braided updo !

. . Hello . x

Im a big Game of Thrones fan and the gripping storylines aren't the only reason im a big fan.
I really love the fashion and styles shown through-out the show and one of my favourite looks is the braids the female actresses wear.

For a really long time now ive always been braiding my own hair. At first I thought I was doing a French braid until a girl I know told me that my braid was actually a Dutch braid, which means I do it opposite to a French braid, which results in my braid sitting on top on the head rather in through the head.

To create this look . .
Step 1 - brush hair through and create a middle parting from the beginning of the hairline to the neck
Step 2 - take three sections of hair from the beginning of the middle parting on one side and begin to braid, ensuring to bring in strands from the sides as you go along
Step 3 - when both braids are secured with an elastic band, take them together and tie them in a knot.
Step 4 - position the end of the braids under the braids on the head and secure out of sight using hair clips
Step 5 - when the look is complete, shake your head for security and apply from hairspray !

I hope these steps are easy to follow and please don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding hairstyles or braids as im more than happy to help !


What I wore: Casual for day x

. . Hello . x

Usually my posts consist of outfits that I wore on a night out or special occasion, but recently ive been taking snaps of my day time looks. As I work everyday and train every night, im usually in two outfits: my work clothes and my gym gear, but over Easter break I managed to get a few days out in my other outfits.

In the pictures below im wearing these patterned bottoms that aren't quite harem bottoms but are very similar. These are sooo comfortable and when I seen them I thought they'd be great for lounging about or for comfort.

Ive worn these a few times with a dark coloured top, either burgundy or dark purple, but I was starting to go off these bottoms and I didn't know why.

But then I went to the Galgorm Spa last week and realised I hadn't packed the purple top to wear with them and only had this cream swing top. And I was actually quite happy because I think the cream top goes a lot better !

I paired the bottoms with my new primark tan wedges, primark crochet waistcoat and my orange/coral bag that I picked up in a local charity shop.

I love patterned bottoms because all you need is a plain top and a nice plain jacket to complete the look, remaining stylish but effortless.
I hope every had a happy and peaceful Easter.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What im wearing : Red dress x

So two weeks ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday. As a gift from my sister, she got me this gorgeous red figure hugging dress and I just love it and decided to wear it last weekend when I was out celebrating a friends birthday.
In my last post I mentioned that I had a birthday outfit in mind and this dress was exactly what I was looking for but couldn't find anything like it, so I was really really happy when my sister presented me with it.
I love red: red nails, red lipstick, red heels . I think red is a very classy and timeless colour that adds glamour and romance to many outfits. As I wanted the dress to be the main focus, I paired it with my nude court heels and nude cream bag. For make-up I wore minimal make-up with a cat eye and a slick of red lipstick. I opted to wear my hair down with a wave and I added this gold body chain - just to break the red.
My top tip for today is: when wearing one bold colour, break the colour by adding fine jewellery - not too overpowering and therefore will not clash with the bold colour or take any focus away from the key piece

Saturday, 7 March 2015

What im wearing: 80s vibe

It has almost been a year since I last wrote or even came on my blog. But recently I decided to get back into it and im starting with a 'what im wearing' post.
Last weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday with friends.
In my mind I had a completely different outfit that I wanted to wear but after spending a day shopping I came across a completely different look and it was this blue and green dress from Bank. At the beginning I was unsure about the dress but my friend really reassured me that it looked good and she really liked it. So I decided to go for that dress.
As we were just going to a bar I didn't want to wear really high heels so I opted for these booties with straps paired with my black and metallic clutch.
In the picture you cant see my hair very clear but I had it braided at the back and created a twist at the front.