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Sunday, 15 November 2015

What im wearing: The LBD

When Autumn / Winter strikes we all think about the LBD (little black dress), and on Saturday night I was headed to a Hen Party which required me to wear all black. I choose this basic black dress with these small straps and small keyhole opening. To add a bit of character to the dress I added on my own greyish beaded belt and tied it in a bow at the bank.

I had originally planned on wearing black shoes, a black bag and a sleek updo with red lips but then last minute I decided to change it up a bit and curl my short hair and go with silver shoes and bag to add some sparkle !

For my make-up I wore a strong cat eye and a berry lip. I outlined my lips in a berry / brownish liner and wore a burgundy lipstick over the top. For this look I didn't wear any eye shadow just a primer base with a hint of Topshop glow because I felt that the strong eyeliner, lips and big hair was enough.
The great thing about LBD is that they can be worn with anything. You can add any accessory i.e. a coloured belt and it will transform the dress each time !  

I hope this can inspire you when deciding how to style your LBD this Party season xxx



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