"We have more possibilities in each moment than we realize.Choose to step forward and make your dream a reality" - B.Bakken

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Big beautiful hair

Hey everyone - back today with a review on the remington hotbrush that I got for Christmas 2012 .
Its one of my beauty must haves, it transforms my frizzy dry hair to a sleek wavy finish in a matter of minutes .
So how has everyone been ? Ive not been blogging much because I had a bit of a flu but im all better now & excited to get back into the swing of things
This week I will be updating my blog with my 'pay-day' buys, a few outfit posts and a lifestyle posts - Busy week ahead so keep an eye out xx
Click here for review 
Have a happy Saturday

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Some colour POP

Hows everyone doing ??

Just back with an update today and to tell you whats been added to my blog this week :-)

  • Guest post for Kristie's blog
  • OOTN post
  • Review on Babyliss hotbrush

This weekend I went out with friends and we had a great night . . my OOTN post is taken from that night x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I wear my red lipstick, got my make-up on

Hey guys - how is everyone doing?

Im back this week with a review woohoo 

Something that I rarely do so decided id do one tonight . . you can probably tell what is on by my post title - Red lippie - which is my favourite kind - personally I think it can change the way my smile looks and actually makes my teeth appear whiter - Yippeee

This week I also spent a few nights out in town celebrating Irish music during the Fleadh 2013 - It was a great week & the city was buzzing - Was great to see :-) I was working everyday however, so I only got out on two nights which was fine by me  . .I will upload an outfit of the day post so youse can see how I dressed for the event - which was mainly outdoors and an all day event :-) . . x

Friday, 16 August 2013

Bright colours

Howdy everyone - Back today with a little OOTD OOTD HERE 

Its been over a month since I first put my blog out there and Im really amazed by how everyone has been so supportive . .Ive also met some amazing girls and guys who blog and really love chatting to them . . My blog is like my online diary - it allows me to unwind and talk about what I love . .my blog allows me to escape for a while and I always enjoy updating my blog and enjoy taking on board advice that people offer me . . xxx

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C ya later guyssss !!! xxx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Liebster Awards

Hey guys im back today with just a little HELLO . . 

How is everyone ? So ive got over 2000 views on my blog now - WOW !
Im so amazed and Im so happy with all the support/emails/messages and followers ive been getting over the past month and a bit - THANKS!

The title of this post is Liebster Awards . . the very lovely Caroline from The Red Dutchess has nominated me for the award . .Ive also chosen 5 lovely girls from 5 amazing blogs to answer my list of questions . . to see these questions , and the questions ive answered, go to general chit-chat xx

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Just a lil disclaimer

Hi everyone - 

Ijust want to make everyone aware that 98% of the images seen on this blog have been taken by myself . . the other 2% have been obtained from google or other sites in which i have tried to link as best as possible.. 

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Hello, Hello

Hi everyone- Welcome to my blog - new readers and current readers . . This week a few posts have gone up - yayy  . . Check out my What I Wore post & How id wear it'

Ive also reached over 100 likes on my facebook page- help me get to 200 http://www.facebook.com/rebeabeaut.