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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review: Topshop 'Glow'

Ever hear or see of a product and you are completely torn whether to get it or not ? Well that was me this weekend. . I was torn between Topshop Glow highlighter and No7 highlighter stick . .
I was torn for three reasons . . 1. The price - both are priced at just under £10.00,  2. I couldn't find any reviews on the Topshop glow but read reviews of the No7 highlighter and 3. I love No7 products but actually tried the Topshop one before, so knew what I was getting
To make my decision a little bit easier, I went to Boots and Topshop and 'swatched 'both highlighters. . By the title of this post you've prorably guessed which one I bought in the end LOL :-)
So heres my opinion and review on Topshop 'Glow' highlighter
First impressions were : Errr for £9.00 you don't get very much - well with this product a little goes a LONG way .
I applied the product to my brow bones, apples of my cheeks, cupids bow, down along the middle of my nose, my shoulders and my collar bones and I honestly didn't use that much
The product went on really smooth and blended in very well without smudging my make-up or tan
Because im very pale, I got the shade polish because the gleam shade had a bronzing effect that I thought wouldn't make the product very appealing on my skin
So im going to give this product 5* because im really loving it and didn't have to touch up the entire night

Whats your most recent purchase that you now love ?

Item details
Shade Polish
Screw tub

Friday, 21 March 2014

Fashion guide: The bomber jacket

At Christmas I went shopping in Belfast and seen this gorgeous jacket - however I had no intention of actually buying it because I didn't think it was really my style. But I tried it on and actually really liked how it looked and felt. I was also really drawn to the jewelled detailing around the neck line.
Recently looking through numerous magazines, I've seen the bomber jacket making an appearance a lot. Especially on Rihanna. Today I've created this post to offer some inspiration on how to wear the bomber jacket.
I wore mine very casual with denim jeans, grey booties and a pink bobble hat. I never wear denim jeans - ever, but I was going for a casual look and this combination gave me the perfect finish.
Here's how I've worn mine
And here is how the celebs are wearing theirs:
Over a black outfit to add some colour
Paired with coloured bottoms which is a great trend for the Spring / Summer season



Which style is your favourite ?

Monday, 10 March 2014

Fashion guide : Swimwear

All that im seeing and hearing is people buying in their summer holiday essentials or people talking about booking their holidays - yep its that time of year again ! 
So today I've decided to offer my advice on when choosing the swimwear suited to your body shape *I'm in no way a fashion expert, these are strictly my opinions and advice*
The words 'bikini', 'beach' and 'summer' can be a daunted experience for many women & men . When I hear these words I think 'body', 'figure', 'tan' , 'naked' . . There's so many words that run through my head. But over the past year or so I've developed confidence in who I am and my body shape - the reason why? I've learnt to dress for my shape and understand that we are all different body shapes and sizes. And we are all FABULOUS!!
So here are 5 swimwear pieces that I've found that suit every shape . .

For ladies with a bigger bust, a halter neck top will help support your chest and provide balance between your hips and chest . This bikini is from Boohoo.
For ladies with a boyish figure, a high waisted bottom provides the illusion of curves by hugging to your bottom and coming up to your mid waist - it gives you the in then out look . This bikini can be found at Forever 21
The third bikini is great for ladies with a small bust. The contrasting lines provide focus to the middle area which creates the illusion of a bigger bust. The thick black belt on the bottoms make larger hips appear smaller which will help balance out your shape. This bikini can also be found at forever 21.

Show off your curves by wearing a swimsuit. The black side panels on both sets will take inches off your waist, making the middle sections the main focus point and giving you the desired hourglass figure.
A halter neck swimsuit is great for ladies with a bigger bust as it will provide support. The black panels on the sides take a few inches away from the waist and hips by making the pattern the focus point.
You can buy this swimsuit at Very.com and the leopard print bikini at Boohoo.com.
 SUMMER 2014
Swimwear Tips and my experiences:
Ok so I am whiter than white, tan as a snowball, so I thought wearing a black bikini would make me look tanner . I was wrong. If anything the black bikini made my white parts whiter and my red burnt parts redder. Therefore I now wear coloured bikinis with coloured floral's.
Swimwear with frills will help reduce the size of larger areas .i.e. the bust or hip area
Wear sunscreen !! . .I didn't one year and my first week was ruined because I couldn't move. Now I wear a factor 50 and carry some fake tan with me for night.
I hope this guide has helped or will help you when buying your holiday swimwear.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Review : Real Techniques Core Collection

Hello . . How is everyone doing?
So recently ive had a lot of questions regarding make-up, techniques and equipment . equipment being the most popular. Something that ive learned the past few months is that the brushes or sponges you use are the most important element in applying make-up. Now we all love our high-end pricey items - every girl does but using the wrong equipment wont do your make-up justice :-(
What I do is buy high-street brands: Rimmel, No7, collection 2000, MUA etc. Recently ive been using the No7 Radiance boost foundation and im really loving it. When I first got the product I was using a random foundation brush from Superdrug, however I found that the strokes of the brush were visible on my skin. Not such a great look :-(.
After much research I decided to invest in a good set of make-up brushes and the Real techniques were top of my list. Id been lusting after these for some time but at £22.00 I thought they were a bit steep . However I decided to take the plunge & buy the Core Collection . WOW im so glad I did !!
There is four brushes in the pack: Contour brush, Buffing brush, detailed brush and the Pointed Foundation brush. I user these brushes everyday and use each on for a variety of purposes
Buffing brush
To blend in my foundation, blusher, contour and highlight
Contour brush
To apply definition to my cheekbones, forehead and nose using a brown eye shadow
Detailed brush
To apply and blend in concealer, and blending in a white eyeliner pencil around my eyebrows
Pointed foundation brush
To get in those hard to reach places i.e. corners of the nose and to help blend in areas where I need a bit more concealer

So that's my advice on what make-up brushes to buy. These can be purchased individually from around £8.00 up but I decided to get a set to save money in the long run. These 4 brushes would last you a long time and they would be the only 4 you would need.
They can be purchased at Boots & Superdrug
What are your favourite make-up brushes?

Monday, 3 March 2014

What I Wore: Sparkles & Birthdays

Hello all & hello March . . There a few reasons why I love March - 1.the beginning of spring, 2.celebrating being Irish & 3. my birthday is on the 2nd day . . & this year it was a big one . . I turned 21 . .
So to celebrate this milestone I wanted to get a dress or outfit that would mean something special & I would look back on and be very fond of .  .so after searching online & every shop in town, I finally came across this stunning purple sparkly dress in Debenhams . . There was only one left & it was a size small so I kind of thought it would be too small for me but when I tried it on it fitted like a glove & I was in dress love . .
There may be rules in fashion but rules are there to be broken, right? So I broke the leg or chest rule & showed a bit of both . . I also broke the smoky eye or bold lip . . this is actually something I do a lot.  . I always wear a smoky or coloured eye with a bold lip . 
I decided to go all out with the glitz & glam and wore my silver glittery heels & matching clutch from Accessorize . . I wore my hair in tight curls, brushed them out and back combed my hair then decided to put it to the side with a diamante clip on the opposite side . . for jewellery I wore my new stunning necklace from my brother & GF along with some arm candy from Accessorize . .
I had such a great weekend & got some amazing gifts - I honestly got a new wardrobe worth of clothes, a stunning pair of heels, jewellery, nail art, soap & glory, Pandora charms, chocs & some Sheer Cover make-up which is honestly amazing.  . It covered up the redness on my cheeks and forehead - I will do a review on this product . .
Heres a few pictures from my birthday . .



A big THANK YOU to everyone who made this birthday so special & to everyone who was there to celebrate with me <3 . .x