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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review: Topshop 'Glow'

Ever hear or see of a product and you are completely torn whether to get it or not ? Well that was me this weekend. . I was torn between Topshop Glow highlighter and No7 highlighter stick . .
I was torn for three reasons . . 1. The price - both are priced at just under £10.00,  2. I couldn't find any reviews on the Topshop glow but read reviews of the No7 highlighter and 3. I love No7 products but actually tried the Topshop one before, so knew what I was getting
To make my decision a little bit easier, I went to Boots and Topshop and 'swatched 'both highlighters. . By the title of this post you've prorably guessed which one I bought in the end LOL :-)
So heres my opinion and review on Topshop 'Glow' highlighter
First impressions were : Errr for £9.00 you don't get very much - well with this product a little goes a LONG way .
I applied the product to my brow bones, apples of my cheeks, cupids bow, down along the middle of my nose, my shoulders and my collar bones and I honestly didn't use that much
The product went on really smooth and blended in very well without smudging my make-up or tan
Because im very pale, I got the shade polish because the gleam shade had a bronzing effect that I thought wouldn't make the product very appealing on my skin
So im going to give this product 5* because im really loving it and didn't have to touch up the entire night

Whats your most recent purchase that you now love ?

Item details
Shade Polish
Screw tub

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