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Friday, 21 March 2014

Fashion guide: The bomber jacket

At Christmas I went shopping in Belfast and seen this gorgeous jacket - however I had no intention of actually buying it because I didn't think it was really my style. But I tried it on and actually really liked how it looked and felt. I was also really drawn to the jewelled detailing around the neck line.
Recently looking through numerous magazines, I've seen the bomber jacket making an appearance a lot. Especially on Rihanna. Today I've created this post to offer some inspiration on how to wear the bomber jacket.
I wore mine very casual with denim jeans, grey booties and a pink bobble hat. I never wear denim jeans - ever, but I was going for a casual look and this combination gave me the perfect finish.
Here's how I've worn mine
And here is how the celebs are wearing theirs:
Over a black outfit to add some colour
Paired with coloured bottoms which is a great trend for the Spring / Summer season



Which style is your favourite ?

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