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Monday, 10 March 2014

Fashion guide : Swimwear

All that im seeing and hearing is people buying in their summer holiday essentials or people talking about booking their holidays - yep its that time of year again ! 
So today I've decided to offer my advice on when choosing the swimwear suited to your body shape *I'm in no way a fashion expert, these are strictly my opinions and advice*
The words 'bikini', 'beach' and 'summer' can be a daunted experience for many women & men . When I hear these words I think 'body', 'figure', 'tan' , 'naked' . . There's so many words that run through my head. But over the past year or so I've developed confidence in who I am and my body shape - the reason why? I've learnt to dress for my shape and understand that we are all different body shapes and sizes. And we are all FABULOUS!!
So here are 5 swimwear pieces that I've found that suit every shape . .

For ladies with a bigger bust, a halter neck top will help support your chest and provide balance between your hips and chest . This bikini is from Boohoo.
For ladies with a boyish figure, a high waisted bottom provides the illusion of curves by hugging to your bottom and coming up to your mid waist - it gives you the in then out look . This bikini can be found at Forever 21
The third bikini is great for ladies with a small bust. The contrasting lines provide focus to the middle area which creates the illusion of a bigger bust. The thick black belt on the bottoms make larger hips appear smaller which will help balance out your shape. This bikini can also be found at forever 21.

Show off your curves by wearing a swimsuit. The black side panels on both sets will take inches off your waist, making the middle sections the main focus point and giving you the desired hourglass figure.
A halter neck swimsuit is great for ladies with a bigger bust as it will provide support. The black panels on the sides take a few inches away from the waist and hips by making the pattern the focus point.
You can buy this swimsuit at Very.com and the leopard print bikini at Boohoo.com.
 SUMMER 2014
Swimwear Tips and my experiences:
Ok so I am whiter than white, tan as a snowball, so I thought wearing a black bikini would make me look tanner . I was wrong. If anything the black bikini made my white parts whiter and my red burnt parts redder. Therefore I now wear coloured bikinis with coloured floral's.
Swimwear with frills will help reduce the size of larger areas .i.e. the bust or hip area
Wear sunscreen !! . .I didn't one year and my first week was ruined because I couldn't move. Now I wear a factor 50 and carry some fake tan with me for night.
I hope this guide has helped or will help you when buying your holiday swimwear.

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