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Monday, 3 March 2014

What I Wore: Sparkles & Birthdays

Hello all & hello March . . There a few reasons why I love March - 1.the beginning of spring, 2.celebrating being Irish & 3. my birthday is on the 2nd day . . & this year it was a big one . . I turned 21 . .
So to celebrate this milestone I wanted to get a dress or outfit that would mean something special & I would look back on and be very fond of .  .so after searching online & every shop in town, I finally came across this stunning purple sparkly dress in Debenhams . . There was only one left & it was a size small so I kind of thought it would be too small for me but when I tried it on it fitted like a glove & I was in dress love . .
There may be rules in fashion but rules are there to be broken, right? So I broke the leg or chest rule & showed a bit of both . . I also broke the smoky eye or bold lip . . this is actually something I do a lot.  . I always wear a smoky or coloured eye with a bold lip . 
I decided to go all out with the glitz & glam and wore my silver glittery heels & matching clutch from Accessorize . . I wore my hair in tight curls, brushed them out and back combed my hair then decided to put it to the side with a diamante clip on the opposite side . . for jewellery I wore my new stunning necklace from my brother & GF along with some arm candy from Accessorize . .
I had such a great weekend & got some amazing gifts - I honestly got a new wardrobe worth of clothes, a stunning pair of heels, jewellery, nail art, soap & glory, Pandora charms, chocs & some Sheer Cover make-up which is honestly amazing.  . It covered up the redness on my cheeks and forehead - I will do a review on this product . .
Heres a few pictures from my birthday . .



A big THANK YOU to everyone who made this birthday so special & to everyone who was there to celebrate with me <3 . .x

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