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Monday, 24 February 2014

What I Wore : Pulms & Greens

. How has everyones weekend been? I was working all weekend & had a girlie night out on Saturday night. . unfortunately I didn't get any outfit pictures :-( . . however I do have a 'What I wore' post today .
I really love this outfit . . I bought the trousers last year in Primark for a bargain of £1.00 - Can you believe it !! I was so surprised, I thought there had to be a catch somewhere but they were just the last pair so were reduced to low. . I actually wasn't going to get them because they were a size smaller but I thought ' For £1.00 im sure ill cope if there too wee' . . but when I got home & tried them on they were a perfect fit - YAYYY
Ive worn these trousers on many different occasions & each time I pair them with different shoes and a different top. .
In the look I teamed my bottoms with a green long sleeved blouse, a fur gilet, my plum fedora hat & plum boots. . this look reminds me of very 70's Charlie Angels . .

It seems that this outfit would be very overpowering but because only one item is printed, the look is balanced out as the other items are plain . . the fur gilet helps to add some colour to help break the outfit up.  .
Hat - Matalan
Fur gilet, top & bottoms- Primark
Shoes - Local shoe shop
Which fashion era do you love ?

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