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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Nail it

Hows everyone been doing ? . .
Whenever I look at people I always notice their nails . . even with myself, if my nails aren't in good condition with a nice polish, I don't feel my best but if Im feeling not great, I just paint my nails & it instantly perks me up . .
I work in retail so I come face to face with many people & serving at a till requires me to use my hands very often, so I try to maintain my nails & keep them looking healthy as much as possible . .
Here our my 3 top nail looks that Ive sported through-out the year  . .
1 - My twist on the classic French Manicure . . I taking my nails & painted the tips a different colour - this look is perfect for Spring / Summer . . you can also create this look with one colour i.e. black or red
2 - these nails were done by my Aunt in the summer . . I just loved both the colours so I decided to create a pattern on the base . . I experiment with my nails so I decided to give each nail a different pattern. . if this isn't for you why not get a pattern on your ring finger ?
3 - this look has actually been my favourite . . I painted my nails black & created white polka dots . . to give my nails that extra touch, I put a white bow on both my ring fingers. .

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