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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Skorts for S/S 14

 . . Im such a fan of floral patterns & bright colours . . they can make an outfit when teamed with a plain top & jacket paired with court heels or pumps . .  Im also a big fan of skorts & was first introduced to these items when I was a child. . my mammy would always dress me in skorts during the summer months & I always loved that they were shorts at the back & a skirt at the front. . it meant when I was out playing I could climb from tree to tree & jump over walls being comfortable . .
So last year when I seen skorts making an appearance I was so excited . . for this year there back and more popular than ever . . I surfed the net to find a pair that I loved & I found the nicest pairs on Boohoo . .

How to wear a skort ?
These can be worn for many different occasions . . a night out, a day at the beach or out for lunch on a hot day . .my number one tip would pair them with a plain tee as you don't want anything to overlook the skort because the pattern is so 'busy' and eye-catching already . .

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