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Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Tartan Trend

 . . Oh, I hadn't realised it was almost a week since I updated my blog . . im back today with an OOTD . . I posted this picture on my facebook page & twitter page and it got a great response . . a lot of people asked me where I got the items & told me they really liked it . . therefore ive decided to complete my post about it today . . yippee

I remember when I was 12 my parents got me a tartan skirt for Christmas one year & I was just so crazy about it . . I wore it every Saturday & kept it in my best clothes section . . the skirt was pleated with a few leather buckles & some fringing to it . . I was totally obsessed with it . . looking back now I think - oh my gosh  . . but my 12 year old self loved it . . so when I seen tartan making a comeback I kept thinking of the 12 year old becca & I just wasn't in love with the look - that was until I took an unexpected trip to Belfast and seen this tartan skirt in a shop in castle court . .
I have to admit, I had this skirt for a long time before I wore it but I was heading to my cousins 18th & thought id pull it out. . I teamed it with this black high neck mesh top, black tights & my black bootie heels . . I worse tights because 1. its winter & 2. it is kinda on the short side .  .
I was looking everywhere for a top similar to this because for the following seasons, high necks & turtle necks are going to be a sure thing - so I opted for a neutral colour that I can pair of anything & everything . .
to add some colour to my outfit I opted for my gold mirror belt . . I found this broke the outfit & added a nice subtle touch   . . because of the high neck top, I decided to wear my hair out of my face but added a smoky eye & red lippie - Yep I broke the rule of 'bold eyes or bold lips' . .


  1. I love the look you created! Tartan and black it's such a great combination! :))


  2. Such a gorgeous outfit!
    Lovely blog
    Sarah x


  3. Lovely post - big fan of the tartan trend :-)



  4. . . Thank you girls . . im also a big fan of the trend . .x

  5. Love your outfit, especially the skirt!