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Monday, 20 January 2014

Updated : Whats in my skincare bag ?

I did a post a few months back on my skin problems & how i got over them . . you can read this post  here . . But today im back with my updated skincare routine . . i am always adding to my skincare & im a magpie to packaging !! . .If something has a good packaging i instantly become drawn to the product & usually end up buying it - without reading what its for or even if its suitable to my skin . .
However ,recently ive been doing some research & i found out my skin type : oily t-zone with combination everywhere else & some sensitivity on my cheeks . . therefore when i went shopping last week to my local boots, i knew what skincare products i was looking for . .and at the No7 counter, they have the products suitable for each skin type labelled. .
I decided to pick up this No7 Blemish Defence Serum because ive found that ive been breaking out lately . . this product was located in the oily/combination section so i decided to give it a go . . i don't use this every night but nights when i notice a few blemishes appearing, i pump out two squirts and apply all over my face . . it dries pretty quickly & leaves my skin feeling really smooth . .
Im absolutely loving soap & glory products at the mo . .i was never really into the hype, that was until i came across the peaches & clean cleansing milk - review here . . I use this cleanser every day - sometimes in the morning or sometimes at night . . ive also been using this body butter which smells gorgeous & ive noticed my legs getting smoother looking  . . i use this when i go swimming - at the minute that's 3 - 4 times a week . .
Ive done a post on my skincare before and i haven't changed my moisturiser or toner because i find these products work well for me. . im also loving the fact that simple has now got an SPF 15 inbuilt - GOODBYEEE SUN DAMAGE :-) . .
My last items in my skincare bag are my coconut body butter & body mist from Asda . .Im a huge fan of coconut and im always finding my self going back to this scent . . theres something about it that i love. . it reminds me of candles & relaxation . . maybe that's why im forever using it on my hands & spraying my body mist 100 times a day . .
Whats in your skincare bag ?x

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