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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Shopping Haul : Clothes

. . Hi Everyone . . Well as im off on a weeks holiday, ive decided to take the opportunity to update my blog a bit more regular with some OOTD, reviews & other fun stuff !! . . Even though im on a weeks holidays, ive been so busy every day . .I haven't had time to actually switch off & chill out . .but im hoping to do that maybe tomorrow or Friday . .
The items featured in my haul today were purchased in December . .actually im just thinking, its exactly a month to this date - the 14th .  . I didn't even realise that before LOL
Can I just point out before I start this post that I loveeee reading shopping hauls because I love a good nosey & love seeing what others are loving . .sometimes I meet new products or get inspired through reading hauls . .
My first item I bought was from Dunnes & was this wine coloured bag with gold studs and a short handle . . I was really drawn to this bag because of its colour. . I was so excited about using it but I had it for over 2 weeks & didn't use it once . . so I decided to return the item .  .I bought this on the lead up to Christmas were panic buying is on high drive . . I returned the bag as I really thought it was a sin it sitting in my wardrobe going unloved  . .:-(
 My second purchase was this jacket from republic that I just fell in love with straight away because of the jewels . . Do you ever see a piece and just think 'I just love that' . . I was like this . . but to my horror they only had small size 6's left so I was a bit gutted :-( . .But as I wa searching through the rails I spotted the jacket & it was in my size !! &&& reduced from £50.00 to £10.00 - It was like it was meant for me LOL . .
My next buy was from River Island & it was this stunning LBD . . I love a plain black dress because they never date & go with everything . . What I really love about this dress is the cross over on the top & the pinch in at the waist . . I think this gives the dress a really elegant touch & gives a slight twist on the LBD . . This dress was also a bargain at £15.00 . .
My last stop of the day was at Primark . .I do like a bit of Primark . . the only cons is the mess of the store & how hard it is to find sizes . .for those two reasons I rarely pop in to buy clothes . .when I do buy from Primark its random buys that ive happened to spot. .
. . My first purchase was this cream fur gilet that ive worn a good few times since buying it . . I then bought this navy & burgundy dress to wear on Christmas day . . unfortunately I returned this item also :-( . .again I think I was panic buying but deep down I didn't really love the dress that much . . I then got this gorgeous floral patterned dress with lace sleeves for a steal at £5.00 . . I think this dress is perfect for winter or summer . .ill just add some black tights & nice black shoes for winter & a black sandal for summer. .

. . I hope you've enjoyed my haul & can take some inspiration with you today .  .

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