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Monday, 13 January 2014

Review: Soap & Glory: Peaches and Clean

 . . As I mentioned on my last post, im going to start doing a few more reviews so im back today with a review on the Soap & Glory: Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 deep purifying cleanser  .
Im familiar with the hype surrounding Soap & Glory products but ill admit, I never bought into it . . each time I visited boots I always seen the eye catching unique packaging but I would just glance and then continue with what I was doing or looking for. . that was until I was recommended this cleanser  . .
Ive taken up swimming and recently ive began to feel like my skin was constantly tight or unclean  . . my cousin has been using the product for over a year & she gave me the chance to try out this product .  .
At first I was a bit wary because of the strong smell . .I have sensitive skin so im often a bit afraid of trying new products incase I break out  . . but she reassured me to try it out & I did . .  and I LOVE it !!!
For a long time ive been cleansing, toning & moisturising my face every night to get rid of make-up & dirt, but after a long day of working or being busy it can be a tiring process and I usually slack up on it & half-heartedly do the job . .
With this product its okay to slack up a bit  . .after ive cleansed my skin, i go off to the bathroom, wet my face, take a pump or two of my peaches and clean then massage it all over my face, i then just rinse the product off and tone my face . .

The smell is delicious . . it makes me look forward to using the product !!
After use and even the day after my skin feels sooo smooth & ive actually began to notice a few dry patches around my nose have cleared up
Im a big fan of the pump dispenser because it allows me to use the right amount product
The creamy texture helps it feel like pearls on the skin - relaxing
Suitable for all skin types (bonus !!)
Ive got oily/combination sensitive skin & the product works great for me

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