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Saturday, 25 January 2014

New for 2014 - Laurens Way Darker than Darker Glam Tan

. . Ive some exciting news to share with all of you and its extra exciting if your a fake tan fan . .
Opening my emails today I came across an exciting mail from Laurens Way Tan . . for those who don't know the brand, Laurens Way Tan was created by The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger . . her tan is a high favourite for many beauty gurus, bloggers & youtubers with raving reviews . .
So what did the email entail ? Ohh well they sent me some exciting information about their new Darker than Dark Glam Tan & its release date - Whose excited about this ??
Coming into summer its a sure thing we all desire a natural healthy looking bronzed body that remains streak free, looking good & smelling great and this tan offers these results . .
There are also many desirable features about this tan including:
- a spray bottle to allow for easy application
- a colour guide to help combat streaks and,
- a quick drying process so theres no waiting around for the tan to dry

If you cant wait until March 2014 - then pop on over to http://www.laurensway.com/ to check out her amazing range of tans on sale now. .

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