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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Country Walks

. . Happy New Year - First 2014 Post . .
 . . Well its been almost two weeks since ive last updated be.a.beauty but to im back with my OOTD . . I know im doing a lot of 'What I Wore' posts but I find these the most enjoyable ones & have loads of fun carrying them out but I promise I will be doing some more beauty, hair & body product reviews soon . .

For this look I took inspiration from 1970's where flared trousers and flicked hair where the top trends . .however ive put a modern twist on my look by wearing skinny jeans rather than flares . .

I teamed my look with my new River Island blouse which has a frill at the top, my cream fur gillet from Primark, my printed neck scarf which was a gift and my one of my much loved pieces - my vintage suitcase which was a gift last Christmas from my godparents . .

I channelled my inner 1970's chick and wore my hair in waves with my DIY side fringes flicked out  .
although I didnt go the full way , I did backcomb my hair to get more volume .  .

I titled this post 'Country Walks' because my pictures whre taken in the lovely Irish countryside . .
 . Farah Fawcett was a huge icon of the 70's after staring in Charlie's Angels as Jill Munroe. .  It was reported that she styled her own hair and make-up for a photo-shoot that helped her within her rise to stardom . .

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  1. Such a gorgeous look! :) Love it!