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Thursday, 26 December 2013

. . Merry Christmas Everyone . .

x . . I hope everyone had a very happy & merry Christmas . .x
x . . I had a very lovely but busy Christmas day shared with my family. .x
My Christmas Day Outfit
For Christmas I love getting dressed up & going all out because it only comes once a year. . For the past 4 years I get an idea in my head of what kind of look I fancy going for . . this year I decided a more relaxed look with one main focus point & something that I would be able to wear again . . I decided on this floral playsuit teamed with black tights which were covered in black diamonds along with these black heeled boots & my new dark purple fedora hat . . which I was searching & searching the shops for and I finally managed to pick this one up from Matalan for £8.00
I know this doesn't sound too casual but im usually pairing my outfits with coloured tights and loads of busy pieces but this year I only had one busy item . .
I decided to curl my hair using my Nicky Clarke curling wand & I wore a natural lip with a winged eye - created by No7 products which were gifts from my godparents

 . . To me Christmas is about being with those who you love & sharing a special day with friends & family . . however I also enjoy & appreciate the gifts I receive on Christmas day . .  

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  1. I love your play suit and hat! I wish my hair would curl like that, it looks so gorgeous!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty