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Friday, 13 December 2013


On Saturday night I went to a Comedian & then off for a few drinks. . I intended on wearing heels & maybe a dress but decided last minute I wanted to go casual because I was only going to a bar afterwards . . I decided to wear my New Look leather skater skirt paired with my primark jacket, boots & bag . . my tights are from Accessorize - and as I always say - added some colour to my outfit !!
I alwayssss wear my hair down over my face - its like my guard- but I decided to get my hair out of my face and high up in a bump . .
I love my gold sparkly boots which I got last year in Primark for £6.00 . . I really loved them & couldn't wait to wear them during the Christmas season because the sparkles really bring out the festive mood !!
My jacket is also from primark & was a bargain for £10.00. . I didn't need it but I certainly wanted it so my sister persuaded me to buy it  . im glad she did coz ive worn it a few times now & im always asked 'Where did you get your jacket?' . .
Printed jackets are a great investment because they go with trousers, skirts, dresses etc & turn a plain outfit into something a little bit more busy . .which is great for days when you just wanted to throw on some skinners & a plain white tee. .


  1. I love this outfit, perfect for a Christmassy night out :) I really wish I'd picked up one of those printed Primark jackets as they look amazing, not sure if there are many left in my local one now - boo!

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  2. Thanks claire... Aw really :-(.. It was a great steal at £10.00...x