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Friday, 20 December 2013

New Years Eve Make-up Inspo with Kristie Blogs Beauty

Hey everyone . . im back today with a Christmas party or New Years Eve look .. I'm doing a collaboration with Kristie Blogs Beauty . .
So ive decided to go with a purple eye and berry lip because I love these colours and think they are a great colour for the season . . I have used a glittery eye shadow from Urban Decay to give my eyes a bit of sparkle. .
 Follow these simple steps to create this purple berry look x
Step 1 - Cover eye lid with a cream eye shadow
Step 2 - Apply a light purple shade to the outer corners & into the middle of the eye
Step 3 - Blend the colour out to give it a more rounded look
Step 4 - Apply a darker shade of purple to the outer corner of the eye & blend in so the colour fades from dark to light
Step 5 - Apply a liquid black liner to create a winged look
Step 6 - Apply some glitter shadow over the lid and apply some mascara or false lashes - here im using mascara


. . Products I used . .
To prepare I used some Vaseline on my lips & Benefit Pore-fessional Primer on my face
  I used the Garnier Eye concealer all over my face and used my bundle monster foundation brush to blend it in
I then coloured in my eyebrows using the Accessorize eyebrow kit
I applied my Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation in shade ivory using my mac buffing brush . .
After my foundation I created my eye look . . I applied a light cream colour all over my eye lid using the 'lovely day' palette from Accessorize . . I took a light lilac from the palette & covered half of my eye lid from my pupil to the outer corner of my eye . . I then took a darker purple from the palette & created a triangle at the outer corner of my eye - I then took my mac blending brush and rounded off the shadow to help the colours fade into each other . .
After this step  I used my NYC high definition eye liner to create a 'winged' eye .. on top of my eye shadow I applied some 2 true eye shadow dazzler in number 6 to create a more party & festive look . .
It was then time for a pop of mascara- I used my MUA lash boom & Max factor 2000 calorie
When I finished my eyes I contoured my face using a dark brown eye shadow from Technic & then highlighted my under eye area and mouth using my MUA Pro Base highlighting kit in shade beige . .
When I finished defining my face and blending the look in, I applied some Accessorize blusher in shade 8 'Quivers'  and some Collection sheer loose powder to keep my make-up looking smooth & fresh
It was then time for my lips - I used my Natural collection lip liner in shade Ruby Rose to outline & colour in my lips - I then added some Rimmel Lipstick in shade 250 'Glamourous Pink'
I hope these steps help to prepare you for your next festive night out . .I hope you all have a great night out
Check out Kristie's blog at www.KristieBlogsBeauty.blogspot.com to view her Christmas Parties look's which will be live on Saturday 21st December  


  1. Gorgeous look! :))


  2. This is so lovely, you did the eyes so well! I really like the lipstick colour you used too :)

  3. thank you girls . .i love trying new looks . .x