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Sunday, 15 December 2013

. . Christmas Shopping . .

At the weekend I went some Christmas shopping in Belfast - when I mean Christmas shopping it was presents for myself LOL . . I saved for this shopping trip for a while so I was excited to get a few new pieces - although I did get loads of pieces , there wasn't really much about Belfast that really stood out to me . .

But anyway back to 'What I Wore' . . I decided to go for a Christmassy look because its less than 2 weeks until Christmas & we decided to visit the Belfast Christmas market  - so I wanted to get into the festive spirit .

I wore a plain black polo neck jumper, black tights, black boots, black leather jacket & my velvet grey skirt . . this sounds really bland but I then accessorised it up with my pink berry hat, pink leather gloves, mixed colour scarf and a wine coloured bag  ..

Now im actually not able to write where I go all these items because I have them a good while. . I decided to clear oiut my wardrobe and re-wear many items , so this outfit is actually a few years old .

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