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Monday, 16 December 2013

Be.A.Beauty Christmas Party Top Tips

Get ready for that Christmas party following my simple tips & tricks

So for anyone who has me on facebook will know that ive been giving away my top tips to get party ready for the festive season . . these are just little tips & tricks ive picked up along the way . . they work for me to hopefully they'll work for you too . .

. . Fake tan . .
. . When applying fake tan ,  I always mix my tan with some moisturiser or body butter - I find this takes away the biscuit smell, allows me to blend my tan more evenly &  helps smooth out my skin . .
. . When I get orange palms , simple get some soap / shampoo & a body brush and rub over hands - this will take away the tell tale signs of a fake tan application . .

. . Make up. .
. . Instead of rubbing in your concealer, pat it onto the skin - this will banish brush marks and help the concealer blend into your skin . .
 . . To help prolong your foundation, I mix it with a tiny amount of primer, mix together and apply to my face - I find my foundation looks a lot more smoother and it really does help foundation last longer . .
 . . When using a lip liner, colour in your lips - your lipstick will attached to the liner - meaning it will last longer . .

. . For smooth lips, gently exfoliate using your tooth brush with cold water at least twice a day - this will get rid of dry skin & help stimulate blood flow in the lips to give them a natural redy /pinky glow . .

. . Hair. .
. . For frizzy hair, mix 1 egg and a teaspoon of olive oil together - put mixture onto dry hair & leave for 10 - 15 minutes then rinse off - hair will appear shiny, healthy and frizz-free . .
. . For natural waves, section damp hair & tie the sections into tiny buns - although to dry over night - in the morning blast the buns with the hairdryer & then remove buns - you should then have some nice, natural wavy hair . .

. . Other . .
 . . I often run out of products (ino I should stock up) - so when I do I follow these two rules -
1. if ive ran out of nail polish remover I simply repaint my nails and take off the polish right away - any polish underneath will come off aswell
2. if ive ran out of eye make-up remover, I get some Vaseline, rub them over my eyelashes & eye lids then get a damp cotton pad and wipe away the Vaseline - this takes of eye shadow, mascara & eyeliner . .

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