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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Skorts for S/S 14

 . . Im such a fan of floral patterns & bright colours . . they can make an outfit when teamed with a plain top & jacket paired with court heels or pumps . .  Im also a big fan of skorts & was first introduced to these items when I was a child. . my mammy would always dress me in skorts during the summer months & I always loved that they were shorts at the back & a skirt at the front. . it meant when I was out playing I could climb from tree to tree & jump over walls being comfortable . .
So last year when I seen skorts making an appearance I was so excited . . for this year there back and more popular than ever . . I surfed the net to find a pair that I loved & I found the nicest pairs on Boohoo . .

How to wear a skort ?
These can be worn for many different occasions . . a night out, a day at the beach or out for lunch on a hot day . .my number one tip would pair them with a plain tee as you don't want anything to overlook the skort because the pattern is so 'busy' and eye-catching already . .

Saturday, 25 January 2014

New for 2014 - Laurens Way Darker than Darker Glam Tan

. . Ive some exciting news to share with all of you and its extra exciting if your a fake tan fan . .
Opening my emails today I came across an exciting mail from Laurens Way Tan . . for those who don't know the brand, Laurens Way Tan was created by The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger . . her tan is a high favourite for many beauty gurus, bloggers & youtubers with raving reviews . .
So what did the email entail ? Ohh well they sent me some exciting information about their new Darker than Dark Glam Tan & its release date - Whose excited about this ??
Coming into summer its a sure thing we all desire a natural healthy looking bronzed body that remains streak free, looking good & smelling great and this tan offers these results . .
There are also many desirable features about this tan including:
- a spray bottle to allow for easy application
- a colour guide to help combat streaks and,
- a quick drying process so theres no waiting around for the tan to dry

If you cant wait until March 2014 - then pop on over to http://www.laurensway.com/ to check out her amazing range of tans on sale now. .

The Tartan Trend

 . . Oh, I hadn't realised it was almost a week since I updated my blog . . im back today with an OOTD . . I posted this picture on my facebook page & twitter page and it got a great response . . a lot of people asked me where I got the items & told me they really liked it . . therefore ive decided to complete my post about it today . . yippee

I remember when I was 12 my parents got me a tartan skirt for Christmas one year & I was just so crazy about it . . I wore it every Saturday & kept it in my best clothes section . . the skirt was pleated with a few leather buckles & some fringing to it . . I was totally obsessed with it . . looking back now I think - oh my gosh  . . but my 12 year old self loved it . . so when I seen tartan making a comeback I kept thinking of the 12 year old becca & I just wasn't in love with the look - that was until I took an unexpected trip to Belfast and seen this tartan skirt in a shop in castle court . .
I have to admit, I had this skirt for a long time before I wore it but I was heading to my cousins 18th & thought id pull it out. . I teamed it with this black high neck mesh top, black tights & my black bootie heels . . I worse tights because 1. its winter & 2. it is kinda on the short side .  .
I was looking everywhere for a top similar to this because for the following seasons, high necks & turtle necks are going to be a sure thing - so I opted for a neutral colour that I can pair of anything & everything . .
to add some colour to my outfit I opted for my gold mirror belt . . I found this broke the outfit & added a nice subtle touch   . . because of the high neck top, I decided to wear my hair out of my face but added a smoky eye & red lippie - Yep I broke the rule of 'bold eyes or bold lips' . .

Monday, 20 January 2014

Updated : Whats in my skincare bag ?

I did a post a few months back on my skin problems & how i got over them . . you can read this post  here . . But today im back with my updated skincare routine . . i am always adding to my skincare & im a magpie to packaging !! . .If something has a good packaging i instantly become drawn to the product & usually end up buying it - without reading what its for or even if its suitable to my skin . .
However ,recently ive been doing some research & i found out my skin type : oily t-zone with combination everywhere else & some sensitivity on my cheeks . . therefore when i went shopping last week to my local boots, i knew what skincare products i was looking for . .and at the No7 counter, they have the products suitable for each skin type labelled. .
I decided to pick up this No7 Blemish Defence Serum because ive found that ive been breaking out lately . . this product was located in the oily/combination section so i decided to give it a go . . i don't use this every night but nights when i notice a few blemishes appearing, i pump out two squirts and apply all over my face . . it dries pretty quickly & leaves my skin feeling really smooth . .
Im absolutely loving soap & glory products at the mo . .i was never really into the hype, that was until i came across the peaches & clean cleansing milk - review here . . I use this cleanser every day - sometimes in the morning or sometimes at night . . ive also been using this body butter which smells gorgeous & ive noticed my legs getting smoother looking  . . i use this when i go swimming - at the minute that's 3 - 4 times a week . .
Ive done a post on my skincare before and i haven't changed my moisturiser or toner because i find these products work well for me. . im also loving the fact that simple has now got an SPF 15 inbuilt - GOODBYEEE SUN DAMAGE :-) . .
My last items in my skincare bag are my coconut body butter & body mist from Asda . .Im a huge fan of coconut and im always finding my self going back to this scent . . theres something about it that i love. . it reminds me of candles & relaxation . . maybe that's why im forever using it on my hands & spraying my body mist 100 times a day . .
Whats in your skincare bag ?x

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Review : Concealer Palette

 . .Hi everyone . .I'm back today with a make-up review . . im reviewing a concealer palette from a brand called Jazooli .. which I purchased on amazon . .

I ordered up this product after seeing the crown brush palette . .I wanted a concealer kit with a variety of colours that would allow me to highlight & contour, cover blemishes and help correct the red patches on my cheeks.  .
This palette has 15 colours !! Which is just what I was looking for . .I've used the palette to cover my break outs and to highlight & contour my face . .
To cover my blemishes I used my beauty blender to put the product onto my skin & then patted the concealer in to help blend the colour out . . I matched up my skin to the colours & I actually used 3 different colours to gain the coverage I needed.  .as you can see below, I had a few breakouts and most of them have been covered without me looking 'caked' or 'over-done' . . I have to say I would recommend this product to anyone looking to get good coverage  . .
The product lasted throughout the day & I didn't find myself having to touch it up . . it was also easy to blend in  . . the only thing about this product is that some of the colours aren't very pigmented & I found I had to get a lot of product onto my skin to get the desired colour . .
 . . Overall im going to give this an 8 out of 10 rating .  .

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Shopping Haul : Clothes

. . Hi Everyone . . Well as im off on a weeks holiday, ive decided to take the opportunity to update my blog a bit more regular with some OOTD, reviews & other fun stuff !! . . Even though im on a weeks holidays, ive been so busy every day . .I haven't had time to actually switch off & chill out . .but im hoping to do that maybe tomorrow or Friday . .
The items featured in my haul today were purchased in December . .actually im just thinking, its exactly a month to this date - the 14th .  . I didn't even realise that before LOL
Can I just point out before I start this post that I loveeee reading shopping hauls because I love a good nosey & love seeing what others are loving . .sometimes I meet new products or get inspired through reading hauls . .
My first item I bought was from Dunnes & was this wine coloured bag with gold studs and a short handle . . I was really drawn to this bag because of its colour. . I was so excited about using it but I had it for over 2 weeks & didn't use it once . . so I decided to return the item .  .I bought this on the lead up to Christmas were panic buying is on high drive . . I returned the bag as I really thought it was a sin it sitting in my wardrobe going unloved  . .:-(
 My second purchase was this jacket from republic that I just fell in love with straight away because of the jewels . . Do you ever see a piece and just think 'I just love that' . . I was like this . . but to my horror they only had small size 6's left so I was a bit gutted :-( . .But as I wa searching through the rails I spotted the jacket & it was in my size !! &&& reduced from £50.00 to £10.00 - It was like it was meant for me LOL . .
My next buy was from River Island & it was this stunning LBD . . I love a plain black dress because they never date & go with everything . . What I really love about this dress is the cross over on the top & the pinch in at the waist . . I think this gives the dress a really elegant touch & gives a slight twist on the LBD . . This dress was also a bargain at £15.00 . .
My last stop of the day was at Primark . .I do like a bit of Primark . . the only cons is the mess of the store & how hard it is to find sizes . .for those two reasons I rarely pop in to buy clothes . .when I do buy from Primark its random buys that ive happened to spot. .
. . My first purchase was this cream fur gilet that ive worn a good few times since buying it . . I then bought this navy & burgundy dress to wear on Christmas day . . unfortunately I returned this item also :-( . .again I think I was panic buying but deep down I didn't really love the dress that much . . I then got this gorgeous floral patterned dress with lace sleeves for a steal at £5.00 . . I think this dress is perfect for winter or summer . .ill just add some black tights & nice black shoes for winter & a black sandal for summer. .

. . I hope you've enjoyed my haul & can take some inspiration with you today .  .

Monday, 13 January 2014

Review: Soap & Glory: Peaches and Clean

 . . As I mentioned on my last post, im going to start doing a few more reviews so im back today with a review on the Soap & Glory: Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 deep purifying cleanser  .
Im familiar with the hype surrounding Soap & Glory products but ill admit, I never bought into it . . each time I visited boots I always seen the eye catching unique packaging but I would just glance and then continue with what I was doing or looking for. . that was until I was recommended this cleanser  . .
Ive taken up swimming and recently ive began to feel like my skin was constantly tight or unclean  . . my cousin has been using the product for over a year & she gave me the chance to try out this product .  .
At first I was a bit wary because of the strong smell . .I have sensitive skin so im often a bit afraid of trying new products incase I break out  . . but she reassured me to try it out & I did . .  and I LOVE it !!!
For a long time ive been cleansing, toning & moisturising my face every night to get rid of make-up & dirt, but after a long day of working or being busy it can be a tiring process and I usually slack up on it & half-heartedly do the job . .
With this product its okay to slack up a bit  . .after ive cleansed my skin, i go off to the bathroom, wet my face, take a pump or two of my peaches and clean then massage it all over my face, i then just rinse the product off and tone my face . .

The smell is delicious . . it makes me look forward to using the product !!
After use and even the day after my skin feels sooo smooth & ive actually began to notice a few dry patches around my nose have cleared up
Im a big fan of the pump dispenser because it allows me to use the right amount product
The creamy texture helps it feel like pearls on the skin - relaxing
Suitable for all skin types (bonus !!)
Ive got oily/combination sensitive skin & the product works great for me

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Country Walks

. . Happy New Year - First 2014 Post . .
 . . Well its been almost two weeks since ive last updated be.a.beauty but to im back with my OOTD . . I know im doing a lot of 'What I Wore' posts but I find these the most enjoyable ones & have loads of fun carrying them out but I promise I will be doing some more beauty, hair & body product reviews soon . .

For this look I took inspiration from 1970's where flared trousers and flicked hair where the top trends . .however ive put a modern twist on my look by wearing skinny jeans rather than flares . .

I teamed my look with my new River Island blouse which has a frill at the top, my cream fur gillet from Primark, my printed neck scarf which was a gift and my one of my much loved pieces - my vintage suitcase which was a gift last Christmas from my godparents . .

I channelled my inner 1970's chick and wore my hair in waves with my DIY side fringes flicked out  .
although I didnt go the full way , I did backcomb my hair to get more volume .  .

I titled this post 'Country Walks' because my pictures whre taken in the lovely Irish countryside . .
 . Farah Fawcett was a huge icon of the 70's after staring in Charlie's Angels as Jill Munroe. .  It was reported that she styled her own hair and make-up for a photo-shoot that helped her within her rise to stardom . .