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Monday, 24 February 2014

What I Wore : Pulms & Greens

. How has everyones weekend been? I was working all weekend & had a girlie night out on Saturday night. . unfortunately I didn't get any outfit pictures :-( . . however I do have a 'What I wore' post today .
I really love this outfit . . I bought the trousers last year in Primark for a bargain of £1.00 - Can you believe it !! I was so surprised, I thought there had to be a catch somewhere but they were just the last pair so were reduced to low. . I actually wasn't going to get them because they were a size smaller but I thought ' For £1.00 im sure ill cope if there too wee' . . but when I got home & tried them on they were a perfect fit - YAYYY
Ive worn these trousers on many different occasions & each time I pair them with different shoes and a different top. .
In the look I teamed my bottoms with a green long sleeved blouse, a fur gilet, my plum fedora hat & plum boots. . this look reminds me of very 70's Charlie Angels . .

It seems that this outfit would be very overpowering but because only one item is printed, the look is balanced out as the other items are plain . . the fur gilet helps to add some colour to help break the outfit up.  .
Hat - Matalan
Fur gilet, top & bottoms- Primark
Shoes - Local shoe shop
Which fashion era do you love ?

Friday, 21 February 2014

What I Wore: Neon brights & Florals

Now that spring is only a few weeks ago I decided to put together a spring outfit . . although it was very miserable and dull out, I decided to bring some brightness into my day . .  I wore a neon orange top, a white blazer & floral leggings . . because there was a lot of colour going on I decided to wear nude court heels. .I added some accessories to my hair with this gold & pearl hair chain . .
I love patterned bottoms because they can instantly make up an outfit. . when I wear printed bottoms I usually wear a plain top & plain jacket. . just so nothing overlooks the bottoms. .
What will be your spring/summer staple?

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Updated : Remington Hotbrush

Recently ive been getting many compliments and enquires about how ive styled my hair.  .and today im going to share with you how to achieve a salon finished look in the comfort of your own home by using the Remington Hotbrush
I received the Remington Hotbrush for the Christmas of 2012 as a present from my parents . . My hotbrush lay in my wardrobe for a few months collecting dust because I just couldn't figure out how to use it. . when I used it I would often get my hair tangled which would be very painful or I would get wired looking hair as a result of allowing the curls to sit too long. .
Then in the summer I decided to get it out and work around with it. . after a while I figured how to use my hotbrush . . so today im going to share my tips on how to use the hotbrush . .
Step 1: divide hair into sections & use a heat or shine spray on the hair
Step 2: separate these sections into sections no wider than two fingers width
Step 3: place the tips of the section around the brush and then gentle rotate the brush up to the roots
Step 4: hold for up to 20 - 30 seconds & then unravel hair from the brush (the hold time is optional)
Step 5: hairspray the hair and your done :-)

 You can purchase the hotbrush from Argos . . click on the link above to get more information & more reviews . . xx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Healthy Options : Natural Ingredients

 . . Hi everyone . .Its been a few days since ive last updated my blog . .Im back today with something a little different . . Its very clear that diets & health juices have become very popular recently and with the new year just began, more people are jumping on the healthier lifestyle bandwagon .  .
For every juice you create, you use a lot of fruit & fruit isn't very cheap . .  & from personal experience, consuming so much fruit is not great for your digestive system . . therefore I have rounded up my top 5 healthy ingredients that are money friendly & great for your body, hair, skin, nails & metabolism . .

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
The first ingredient is apple cider vinegar . . this is a natural remedy that has been used for many years to help maintain a healthy lifestyle . .
The main health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are:
Supports the digestive systems
Used over salads or can be drank straight from the bottle . . I have tried this & found the taste very strong so I just pour some over my salads
Can be used to rinse hair to provide a healthy natural shine , remove product build up and help treat itchy flaky scalps
It acts as a great toner for everyday use
2. Lime
We all know how important water is but we still never drink enough . .we spend thousands upon thousands a year buying in all the latest skincare products that promise to give us that healthy glow but we never go to our taps & get our water for free. . 
I add lime to my water . . my water tastes much nicer & leaves me feeling a lot more fresh . .
Limes are a great source of calcium . .  they are an advantage to our gums, eye care, the digestive system and skincare
3. Lemon
Lemons provide our bodies with a natural detox . .it is recommended that we consume citrus fruits on a daily basis . . Lemon can be added to water to give a refreshing boost to our bodies & can also be added to warm water to help remove any toxins within our bodies
Lemon is also used on the hair during the summer months as the ingredients help to naturally lighten hair & give a natural highlight to the hair
You can either use an actual lemon or bottled lemon juice . . At the moment I use bottled lemon juice that I purchased from my local supermarket . . I simply add a few drops to my water each day . .
4.Summer seeds
Im such a fan of seeds & nuts . . recently I've been taking the Summer seeds from Sainsbury's . . I put them in my cereal, salads, soup & sandwiches . .they are a great source of energy & taste great  . . they are a great alternative to diary products as they offer good fats and protein to the diet without leaving you feeling bloated in the way that bread does . .  
5. Water
Last but not least : WATER ! . .  .Water is so important in our diets and we should aim to drink at least 8 glasses a day . . it sounds easy but most of the population are dehydrated because we do not drink enough water . . Recently ive been finding myself drinking a lot more water due to engaging in more exercise . .Ive found that im now craving water over tea, coffee & other sugary drinks .  .
I hope my top 5 health ingredients will work for you & remember :
Apple cider vinegar over salads or a cap full a day
Add lemon and/or lime to your water
Eat a handful of seeds or nuts a day and;
Drink plenty of water !!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

How to: Create my S/S nail look

 . . Im back today to show you how I created my Spring/Summer Nails for 2014 .  .
Im sure most of you already know how to create the nails but I thought id create a post to explain how I got my colourful manicure . .
The first step I took was painting a French manicure . . I did this for two reasons: 1) the white tips will act as a guideline so my coloured tips will be straight & 2) the white undercoat will make the colours stand out more
The second step I took was finding 5 different shades that I love. . I used my Sally Hansen, O.P.I & Jess brands to create my look . .
The third step was to create the tips using the different colours . . For this step, I arranged the colours in an order that I thought looked well & each colour compliments each other . .
So there you go . .Follow these 3 easy steps to recreate a brightly coloured manicured look . . You don't have to use these colours . .you can chose your own & chose as many different colours as you like . .x
Feel free to leave any comments as I will reply to them all .  .x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

How to Wear: The LBD

So ive decided to create a topic on my blog - its called 'How to Wear' . . Each week im going to take one item of clothing & show how it can be worn more than once or how to style an item that seems difficult to style . .
To kick off my new topic , ive decided to take the LBD aka little black dress and show how it can be worn 3 different ways . . its a styling know that every girl should have an LBD in her wardrobe.  .they are perfect for every occasion and you can not go wrong sporting one of these . .

Because its black it goes with just anything & everything . . there is no need to go out and buy a completely new outfit that you may only wear once . . What I do, is take my LBD & style it using different accessories, bags & shoes . . I also change up an outfit by changing my lip colour and hair style . .
The first look ive teamed my LBD with black & gold . .I think black & gold is a very classic look .  .perfect teamed with a red lip & red nail. . perfect for a special occasion

The second look ive opted for a purple tone with purple heels, purple & silver earrings and my new purple & black clutch bag . .purple is one of my favourite colours . . I would wear this with a berry lip & smoky eyes . .

 The third look ive kept my bag & shoes simple, allowing my statement necklace to be the main focus point of the outfit . .cream is such a relaxed look, an effortless but chic outfit creator . . cream helps to lighten up the outfit without being over powering, this is why ive added a statement necklace - to create a focus point to the outfit . .
If you have any questions or comments, post them below & ill get back to you

Nail it

Hows everyone been doing ? . .
Whenever I look at people I always notice their nails . . even with myself, if my nails aren't in good condition with a nice polish, I don't feel my best but if Im feeling not great, I just paint my nails & it instantly perks me up . .
I work in retail so I come face to face with many people & serving at a till requires me to use my hands very often, so I try to maintain my nails & keep them looking healthy as much as possible . .
Here our my 3 top nail looks that Ive sported through-out the year  . .
1 - My twist on the classic French Manicure . . I taking my nails & painted the tips a different colour - this look is perfect for Spring / Summer . . you can also create this look with one colour i.e. black or red
2 - these nails were done by my Aunt in the summer . . I just loved both the colours so I decided to create a pattern on the base . . I experiment with my nails so I decided to give each nail a different pattern. . if this isn't for you why not get a pattern on your ring finger ?
3 - this look has actually been my favourite . . I painted my nails black & created white polka dots . . to give my nails that extra touch, I put a white bow on both my ring fingers. .