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Thursday, 6 February 2014

How to: Create my S/S nail look

 . . Im back today to show you how I created my Spring/Summer Nails for 2014 .  .
Im sure most of you already know how to create the nails but I thought id create a post to explain how I got my colourful manicure . .
The first step I took was painting a French manicure . . I did this for two reasons: 1) the white tips will act as a guideline so my coloured tips will be straight & 2) the white undercoat will make the colours stand out more
The second step I took was finding 5 different shades that I love. . I used my Sally Hansen, O.P.I & Jess brands to create my look . .
The third step was to create the tips using the different colours . . For this step, I arranged the colours in an order that I thought looked well & each colour compliments each other . .
So there you go . .Follow these 3 easy steps to recreate a brightly coloured manicured look . . You don't have to use these colours . .you can chose your own & chose as many different colours as you like . .x
Feel free to leave any comments as I will reply to them all .  .x

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