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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Updated : Remington Hotbrush

Recently ive been getting many compliments and enquires about how ive styled my hair.  .and today im going to share with you how to achieve a salon finished look in the comfort of your own home by using the Remington Hotbrush
I received the Remington Hotbrush for the Christmas of 2012 as a present from my parents . . My hotbrush lay in my wardrobe for a few months collecting dust because I just couldn't figure out how to use it. . when I used it I would often get my hair tangled which would be very painful or I would get wired looking hair as a result of allowing the curls to sit too long. .
Then in the summer I decided to get it out and work around with it. . after a while I figured how to use my hotbrush . . so today im going to share my tips on how to use the hotbrush . .
Step 1: divide hair into sections & use a heat or shine spray on the hair
Step 2: separate these sections into sections no wider than two fingers width
Step 3: place the tips of the section around the brush and then gentle rotate the brush up to the roots
Step 4: hold for up to 20 - 30 seconds & then unravel hair from the brush (the hold time is optional)
Step 5: hairspray the hair and your done :-)

 You can purchase the hotbrush from Argos . . click on the link above to get more information & more reviews . . xx

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