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Sunday, 13 April 2014

How to: Spring outfit

Hi everyone !! ..
Now that the nights are getting brighter, the weathers getting a bit warmer & the shops are looking more colourful I decided I would create a very Spring outfit to give you some inspiration for your next night out. .
Im a big fan of colour, even in the winter I enjoy mixing colour into my wardrobe whether it be pink coloured tights or a green handbag . I just love a pop of colour :-)
So I went online and put together this outfit with items I found . .I have an outfit very similar at home so wanted to recreate the look to give you all a bit of inspiration.
Ive chosen a pink blazer, off white peplum lace top, a floral skort and pink strappy court heels. I decided on pink to help bring out the pink flowers on the skort. .
For hair & make-up I would go for a sleek hair do, tied up in a pony with a funky twist at the front teamed with a smoky eye & bright pink lippie. . I know they say to never go for smoky eye and lip but I don't follow this rule because I love a colourful eye teamed with a bright lippie. . I have tried to go with a simple lip but I just don't like the look . .I like dramatic lips lol. .
Tip: to add some length to your legs add some highlighter & body oil along the shins and add some highlighter to shoulders & collarbones for a healthy natural glow . .
Whats your spring / summer make-up tips ? x

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