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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I wear my red lipstick, got my make-up on

Hey guys - how is everyone doing?

Im back this week with a review woohoo 

Something that I rarely do so decided id do one tonight . . you can probably tell what is on by my post title - Red lippie - which is my favourite kind - personally I think it can change the way my smile looks and actually makes my teeth appear whiter - Yippeee

This week I also spent a few nights out in town celebrating Irish music during the Fleadh 2013 - It was a great week & the city was buzzing - Was great to see :-) I was working everyday however, so I only got out on two nights which was fine by me  . .I will upload an outfit of the day post so youse can see how I dressed for the event - which was mainly outdoors and an all day event :-) . . x

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