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Saturday, 9 May 2015

What im wearing: Culottes x

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The 60s / 70s fashion have always been my favourite fashion eras as I love the faux fur, flared jeans, colourful make-up and wavy hair. .
Recently ive been really loving Culottes because they are a good transition piece from Winter - Spring - Summer.
For example the culottes im wearing are very bright and colourful but cover a good bit of leg to keep me warm during the spring when the weather is still a bit cold but looks really sunny. .
Here is a selection of some culottes that are available to purchase online.  .
New Look

Click here
Forever 21

Here are a few of my tips on wearing culottes . .
Wear a fitted top or shirt to provide shape
When wearing patterned culottes, stay with minimum accessories and a plain top with minimal jewellery
When wearing a culottes jumpsuit, wear a thin belt to help break the look and emphasise your waist

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