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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What im wearing : Crop top x

. . Hello x
So a few weeks ago I took part in my first ever triathlon, which I absolutely loved and I feel motivated and inspired to do more in the future.
So to celebrate, I went out for the night and seen some Jazz festival. I decided that I didn't really want to get overly done up because I was tired. Therefore I opted for a casual crop top paired with these black ankle grazers.
To add some colour to the outfit I added my turquoise feathered necklace paired with my turquoise/silver blingy ring and silver sparkly heels.
I wore my hair wavy and clipped back to one side with a smoky eye and pink lippie.
Im always wearing brightly coloured lipsticks because a) I love them and b) they make teeth appear whiter !
I got this crop top from H&M Foyleside Buy here'at such a bargain price £3.99 !! I thought for the price that was great and the crop top has a really nice shape to it and the material is also quite nice.
I know in this outfit im showing some tummy skin, which I was never confident about doing before until I began getting into fitness. Therefore if your wanting to wear this top or any crop top, without showing skin follow my top tips.
Wear with highwaisted bottoms or skirts
Wear top over a plain maxi or midi dress to give the appearance of a skirt and top outfit
Wear a longer top underneath to add length
And lastly, always have confidence in yourself and what you wear

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