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Saturday, 25 April 2015

What im wearing: Black & White zebra print

. . Hello . .x
I recently went on a night and decided that I wanted to wear my hair up as I usually wear it down either wavy or curly. So I opted for a braided updo, with big earrings and a more dramatic make-up look.
I chose to wear this figure hugging dress to make the look more 'done-up' because of the casual hair. With my hair out of my face, I went for a smoky eye (using purples, greys and blacks) paired with a subtle pink lip. I love experimenting with my make-up and each time I always change up the colours either with eyeliner, eye shadow, blusher or lippie..


A tip that I learnt by doing this look: Line lower lash line with a nude pencil rather than a white pencil. I found my eyes appeared a lot more brighter and fresh using the nude opposed to a white pencil . .


  1. Thank you Aine . . I love braids - casual and out of the way