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Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to : Braided updo !

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Im a big Game of Thrones fan and the gripping storylines aren't the only reason im a big fan.
I really love the fashion and styles shown through-out the show and one of my favourite looks is the braids the female actresses wear.

For a really long time now ive always been braiding my own hair. At first I thought I was doing a French braid until a girl I know told me that my braid was actually a Dutch braid, which means I do it opposite to a French braid, which results in my braid sitting on top on the head rather in through the head.

To create this look . .
Step 1 - brush hair through and create a middle parting from the beginning of the hairline to the neck
Step 2 - take three sections of hair from the beginning of the middle parting on one side and begin to braid, ensuring to bring in strands from the sides as you go along
Step 3 - when both braids are secured with an elastic band, take them together and tie them in a knot.
Step 4 - position the end of the braids under the braids on the head and secure out of sight using hair clips
Step 5 - when the look is complete, shake your head for security and apply from hairspray !

I hope these steps are easy to follow and please don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding hairstyles or braids as im more than happy to help !


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