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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Beauty Review : Botanics

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So for a long time I was using the soap&glory peaches and clean 3-in-1 cleanser and I really loved the product: the smell, texture and results. So when I had ran out I was just going into my local boots to restock. Whilst browsing the aisles, I came across the Botanics products. Id never used this brand before but my friend, who has really gorgeous skin, uses a lot of products from this range so I decided to purchase the Botanics cleanser rather than my soap&glory.
After a week of using the cleanser, I was sold. I loved how it felt on my skin and my skin would feel clean, refreshed and smooth afterwards. It didn't feel tight or dry (which I sometimes experienced from using soap and glory).
About 2 weeks after purchasing the cleanser, I was at my friends house and she was using the Botanics radiance balm. Like I said she has really lovely skin which always looks hydrated, smooth and fresh, so I really wanted to know what she was using !
I tested the radiance balm on my face, after applying my moisturiser and I honestly seen a difference straight away. The dullness around my eyes had disappeared and there was a healthy glow with a hint of shimmer to my skin.
Again I was sold so on the very same day I went straight to my local boots and picked up the radiance balm which was on offer for £2.99 !
Product summaries
Gentle Cleansing cream
Ultra calm with calming marshmallow
''removes make-up and impurities for sensitive skin''
***** my skin feels smooth, fresh and clean after every use. Great for sensitive skin due to the calming properties that help reduce the redness
Radiance balm
All bright with brightening hibiscus
'' softens, brightens for instantly radiant skin for all skin types ''
***** my skin looks and feels more radiant. I use this everyday after moisturising, usually under my Rimmel BB cream but some days on its own with a small amount of blusher. Be careful when opening as the product comes out very fast.

After using a small amount of the radiance balm on my hand. 


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