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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bloggers Event @ Debenhams Foyleside

Hello x

On Thursday evening I attended my first bloggers event - The Beauty Hall Launch at Debenhams Foyleside Derry and I had a great evening.

Our evening began at 6pm and was filled with make-up demonstrations, eyebrow tutorials, information on hair removal services, the lowdown on the new latest products, information about skincare and its importance.

We were taken around 3 beauty counters: Benefit, Urban decay & Clinique.

Benefit is well known for their perfect brow and on arrival to the counter we were shown an eyebrow demonstration - how to get that perfect brow using the hair removal theory and make-up.

The product used was their best selling 'Brow Zings'. From the image you can see the difference between the brows from only using this kit (the model has great brows anyway)

Benefit then showed us how to apply make-up and have fun with it. The products used on Hannah were 'they're real push-up liner' in 'beyond purple' and 'they're real mascara' in 'beyond blue'.

I love stepping outside the box with make-up and trying fun looks and both these products are great for those who like to experiment with their make-up but can also be used for a subtle change.

We were then taken into the Benefit hair removal room in which a waxing service is available in store that is suitable for the entire body. This is a new venture for Benefit at Debenhams and this was the first I heard about it, and I think its a great idea because you can get fully prepared for an occasion all in the same place !

Urban Decay

At urban decay we were informed about their products which I found really interesting as ive been a fan of urban decay for many years, ever since my cousin gifted me with an urban decay eye palette aged 16 -which I still use !

The message that urban decay gives to its clients is 'Feminine , Dangerous and Fun' and I couldn't agree more. When I think of the brand I think colour, glitter, shimmer and shine. But they also cater for those who prefer a subtle make-up look through their naked palette ranges !

The counter definitely inspired me and today I thought id go for a bold look and used their 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in shade 'flipside'

We were then provided with a full make-up demonstration which took 10 minutes and the end result was beautiful. A subtle 1940s inspiried make-up look with a black liner flick and red lips.


With a lot of make-up talks and demonstrations, it was interesting to check out clinique which is all focused on skincare and skin protection. Many of us forget about the importance of taking care of our skin. When I was younger I would only have moisturizer every few days and would usually go to bed with my make-up still on but now I'm very strict with my skincare regime. I follow cliniques 3 steps - cleanse, tone and moisturizer.

I had a great time at the event and really want to thank everyone at the Benefit counter, Urban Decay counter, Clinique counter and the staff at Debenhams for making me feel really welcomed. I appreciate my gifts very much and had a great time learning about products, brands, services and meeting up with other local bloggers x

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