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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What im wearing: Colour Burst

After attending the Debenhams Beauty Hall launch last Thursday, I was feeling quite inspired by the colours added to make-up.
On Saturday I was meeting a friend for lunch and I felt like I wanted to add some colour into my outfit and kind of step outside the box. On this particular occasion I decided to wave my hair, wear blue eye liner and add a colourful shirt.
To me I felt kind of 80s and I enjoyed the look.
Bringing colour into both my wardrobe and make-up made me feel like fun and it was nice to change up my look.
I opted for a blue eyeliner but if blue is too daring why not try a khaki green or beige tone - just something different from the classic black liner.

For my hair I just followed a childhood memory of putting my damp hair in braids and sleeping in them. When I woke up the next morning and gently placed my straighteners over each braid and then applied hairspray. This look was so effortless but it was a change up  (to avoid frizz, only braid hair when it is damp, maybe 1 hour after washing).

So why not choose a day this week that you will do something different. Maybe a nail polish you have never tried or a hairstyle that you've never created before x



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