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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hey Everyone !x

Hey everyone - How are you all?
Im back with a new review and a few pay-day buys . . Ive had a real busy week with work and with my beauty course - which im really loving , ive been learning to tint lashes at the minute so im working hard on making sure I can do my best - its so exciting to think that this time next year ill be a qualified beauty therapist - if anyone has any advice then id really appreciate the tips :-)x
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  1. Wow I love those cute type of ringlet curls! xx

    1. hi lilly-jo ..thank you . . I didn't leave my hair in ringlets though - I brushed them out to create really curly wavy hair xxx

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I love your blog, particularly your images, and am nominating you for a Liebster Award! I think you might have already had one, but I think you deserve another.
    Have a look here for more info...
    Laura xx

  3. Hey laura - Thank you very much xxxxx