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Saturday, 23 November 2013

. . Big Beautiful hair . .

Hey everyone - back today with a review on the remington hotbrush that I got for Christmas 2012 .
Its one of my beauty must haves, it transforms my frizzy dry hair to a sleek wavy finish in a matter of minutes .
it actually took me a good few weeks to learn how to use the brush . . at first I couldn't even use it because I kept getting my hair tangled - which was actually really sore . .so it went to the back of my wardrobe for a while until a few weeks ago when I decided to use it again & the day after everyone asked me how I got my hair like that or if ive been to the hairdressers .
On / off switch
Two settings
Can either be used rotating or still
How I use the brush
I use a brush and a heat protective spray - spray the brush and brush through hair
I then divide my hair into 3 sections - top, middle & bottom
I start the process from the bottom up
Once Ive completed each section I spray some hairspray over the curl to keep it in place
Once ive completed my entire head I spray some shine spray onto my hair to give my hair some shine
Manageable hair in 5 minutes
Gives a salon look from the comfort of your own home
Heats up quite quickly
If like me you can sometimes be clumsy - the brush turns itself off after 60 minutes if it hasn't been used
Can be difficult to use in the beginning
Sometimes leave a smell to my hair
Heres my tips on using the brush
When my hair needs some TLC ill just brush my hair using the hot brush and it takes away the frizz & leaves my hair looking more soft and maintained 
Ive always found curling my hair a boring process so what I do is log onto my laptop and watch some music videos or beauty channels to pass the time  
To achieve loose waves use the rotation mode and for more bouncy tight curls keep the brush still

My mum told me this product is from Argos and can be purchased here guys Find me here


  1. This looks great! Your hair is so pretty like this xx