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Saturday, 23 November 2013


So now that summer has arrived its time to get those legs out which means the defuzzing begins . . this weekend I decided to purchase an epilator . . I had one a few years back and found the experience very painful so decided to just continue waxing .. ive been waxing now for a very long time and have found that my leg hair is very thin but the hair regrowth is very speedy so I was only getting up to 2 weeks hair free :-(.!

The epilator I purchased is called the Cosmopolitan Epilator and i got it from Argos for £16.99 sale price.

Before I used the epilator;
Got a hot bath to make my skin softer
Exfoliated to get rid of any dry skin and to prevent ingrown hairs

During use;
I sat in a well lit room and watched some telly to distract me from the pain 
Tip - to make the experience less painful you can take a painkiller about 1hour before use

After use;
I put coconut body butter on my legs because they seemed dry- big mistakeee . .it really stung my legs - i would recommend leaving the moisturising until the next day 


Tiny spot light that highlights even the tiniest hairs
Will save money
Easy to use and can be used at anytime
Cord or cordless use which means can be used on the go
Two speed settings
Travel pouch

This wasn't a problem for me but for some people it might be - it is quite loud
For first time users it is very painful so id suggest to do small sections at a time


I hope this review has helped you with your decision to use an epilator - any more questions just ask ! 

Image - www.argos.co.uk


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