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Saturday, 23 November 2013

How to: Braided hair

I love hair braids and find myself doing braids very often . .I have really thick hair so it never seems to look pretty in a ponytail so I decided to give braids a go and found that I love having my hair out of my face but still looking pretty . .braids honestly take no time to do but they create a really girly soft look that adds a unique twist

What you will need
A hair brush to brush hair
Tail comb to get straight middle parting
Elastics to secure braids
Clips to pin up the braids
Hairspray to keep in place and keep flyways at bay

So, how is it done?
Step one: Brush hair, divide into two sections using a tailed comb, create a middle parting
Step 2: Begin braiding the hair at the top of the forehead
Step 3: Braid hair as close to the parting as possible, begin to braid back the ways towards the middle of your head
Step 4: Braid to the bottom of the hair and secure with an elastic band
Step 5: Take the end of the braid and make a small hole where the hair begins to come away from the top of the neck & pull the braid through
Step 6: Secure in place with some clips, making sure the elastic band is hidden at all times. Repeat with the other side and TA-DA your done 

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