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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Swing dress

On Saturday night I went out with my sister and cousin for a girlie night . . I went on a shopping trip to Penny's last Monday and picked up a few bits and pieces including the dress im wearing in this picture... ive always wanted a swing dress but could never see any that stood out . .there were a few in Topshop & River Island for a price of £21 - £25.. which I thought was way too dear for just a plain coloured swing dress . . so when I visited pennys I seen this gorgeous patterned swing dress for 13 euro !! . .my favourite are purple burgundy's and wine reds, so the colour really drew me in too . .I also knew that id have the perfect shoes, bag and jewellery to match the dress ..
TIP: If you are unsure about buying an item, think to yourself  'How many ways can I wear it & what have I got that would match it' . .
With this dress I can wear it out for a night out (see pic below) & during the day if im going shopping with my friends - ill team my dress with some burgundy/purple tights, my black leather jacket, my burgundy hat & grey ankle boots to give a grunge feel to my girlie dress..
I felt I looked different on Saturday night to usual - 1. my hair was straight & 2. I look tan . . I usually wear my natural waves or bouncy curls and I normally don't look very tan but for Saturday night I fancied a change so I straightened my hair and put on a few layers of fake tan . .the tan I used was St Moritz mousse mixed with Asda's own branded body butter x

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