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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nicky Clarke curling wand

So on Saturday I got the Nicky Clarke curling wand from Argos for under £20.00 - I have always wanted really tight curls so I decided to purchase this slim curling wand to create the look . . heres how I got on . .
What I used
a hair brush
a few bobbles
I brushed out my hair to make sure there were no tangles & knots . . I then sectioned off my hair into 3 sections - the bottom, middle & top. .
I began with the bottom and took really small sections - only because I was looking to go for really tight curls - kind of baby's hair from dirty dancing . .
I held my hair around the curling wand for about 30 - 40 sections . when I finished I left the curls and didn't brush or run my fingers through the ringlets that were created . . I then applied my make-up and when I was ready to leave the house I brushed the ringlets out to create my curls and added some hairspray
My thoughts on the product
I was happy that the wand has a variety of heat sections
There is an on/off switch
There is a clip on the wand which keeps the hair in place
The price is great because the product gave me what I wanted
There was a bit of a smell to my hair and still was the next day
The position of the on/off switch is a bit in an awkward place & I found I turned the wand off about 2/3 times and didn't realise until my curls weren't really working out
Overall score - 8/10




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