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Saturday, 23 November 2013

WOW brown tan


Hey everyone - Im back with a fake tan review today - The very kind Fran & Don sent me some Wow brown tan in a very sparkly purple package on Monday . .  I applied the fake tan and im here today with a review . .

First impressions

The liquid is very dark and I was a little bit worried because I have really pale skin and would normally use light - medium fake tan
My second thought was 'Oh the bottles very tiny - will this cover my entire body?'
Well I can safely say the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' lives up to its word  . .the colour wasn't as dark as I thought and after covering my entire body - there is 3/4 of the bottle still remaining . .

So how did I prepare

I got a bath, exfoliated and moisturised the dry areas on my body - knees, ankles & elbows - using my coconut body butter by Asda . . I usually mix my tan with a body butter and apply all over my body but I wanted to follow the advice given by Fran & Don . .


I never use a tan mitt because I never really liked the feeling against my skin so I use a fluffy sock .  . Fran & Don advised me to spray the tan onto my mitt (fluffy sock) and rub onto my body . . I used this method for one leg but found the tan didn't really spread very well so on the next leg I sprayed the tan directly onto my leg - I found this method a lot better and found that I didn't use as much tan - my only bit of advice is to not stand near anything white, material, mirrors etc

The drying process didn't even take 10 seconds - once the tan was on it dried in very quick - I have seen on other reviews that bloggers found this was a negative because they couldn't mend streaks but in my opinion the tan spread quiet easily and I didn't have any streaks to mend. .


From the image below you can see how pale I am. the second image shows one tanned leg and one pale leg - this image was taken right after application so you can see that the tan develops straight away - this is also a great colour guide  . . the last image is of the completed look .  .Fran & Don advise to leave the tan for 5 hours before showering - I applied the tan on Monday night at around 10pm and took this image at about 11am on Tuesday -so you can see how well the tan developed

My opinion

I can see why Wow brown is an award winning tan - Im sooo pleased with this tan . .I was a bit wary at first because of how dark the tan appeared but im really pleased with how natural the tan looks - Ive gotten a few compliments from family, friends & customers at work - telling me I look really glowing . . on application and a few hours after, the smell of the tan is really nice -it smells really fruity & flowerily and at one point I thought I had sprayed perfume on myself but realised I hadn't - but coming towards 8pm last night I began to notice a biscuit smell - but this isn't a problem if you get a shower after the 5 hour process .  . I didn't get a shower after 5 hours because I wanted to see how dark the tan develops - when I did get a shower, only a tiny amount of tan faded and I was left with a really nice, natural glow. A few other pros  - the tan is also paraben free, plane friendly & IRISH - im all for us Irish doing well :-).

Packaging - 10/10
the bottle may be tiny but it goes a long way, also great for travelling and handbag use
Price - 7/10
At 21.99 euro it is a bit expensive for students but it is worth the money
Smell - 7/10
at first the smell was really nice but then began to develop a biscuit smell - but this isn't very noticeable
Colour - 10/10
A* for the colour - im really so pleased
Application - 7/10
at first I didn't really like the application but when I sprayed it directly to the skin I found it easier to apply

Will I repurchase - Oh Yeah

 .  .Overall 9/10. .

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