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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Hey everyone - im back with a review on two very great and very cheap mascaras . . the NYC Big & Bold Mascara Extra Black & the MUA Mega Volume Mascara Black . .
For a long time I used the L'Oreal range & although its a great mascara its a bit pricey & I couldn't justify paying over £10.00 for a mascara so I decided to see if I could get similar results using a cheaper more student friendly brand . .
then I came across the MUA mascara in Superdrug for £3.00 . .I used this mascara for a few months & really thought it was great - my lashes looked more extended and fuller . . then recently I came across the NYC mascara and for £2.49 thought id give it a go and im actually loving the application and how it makes my eyes appear more awake and rounder. .
From the image above you can see how both my eyes have long lashes  . . I got this same result by using more high priced brands . . I love both these mascaras and for under £3.00 each you cant go wrong with trying them . .
The wands are both very similar with the MUA being a little less thicker than the NYC wand ..the images also show that the mascaras do not clump the lashes together x
Both mascaras can be bought from Superdrug

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