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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lipstick kisses


Im always raving about how much I love lipstick and im confident to explore different colours from purple to red to orange. . So ive decided to gather my all time favourite lippies and give a review on the products . . lippie also allows you to change your look and adding a pop of colour to your make-up . . .and one other great benefit : deep red lippies make our teeth appear whiter yayyy !!
Okay so im always saying how I love a bargain and that goes for my make-up also . . the dearest lippie that ive bought (to date) is my Rimmel Kate Moss Collection which cost me around £7.00 . . it is a really deep red, it lasts for a long time and it smells great . 
HnM - Up all night (£2.99)
Kate Moss for Rimmel - Shade 01 (around £7.00)
Collection - Shade 14 Mango Tango (£3.00)
Nivea Volume Shine - Shade 63 Berry Charms (£1.00)**
NYC - Shade 405 Blue Rose (£1.49)
MUA - Shade 3 - £1.00

I love all of these colours - in the image below the seem like similar colours - and yes, they are BUT they vary in shades and appear different when applied to the lip . . x

In the pic above im wearing my Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick . . I was going to a wedding and needing a long lasting colour . . I think I had to re-apply my lipstick only once which shows how well the colour stays . .it also makes my teeth appear bright and white which is a bonus x
** I bought the Nivea in Poundland - Im not sure of the RRP**

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