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Saturday, 23 November 2013

MUA Fixing Mist

Hey everyone im back with a review today . .ive decided to review the MUA fixing mist spray that I have been using now for the past month . . I will give my honest opinion on the product & hope this review answers a lot of questions ..
So firsts first - What is a fixing mist? (A.K.A setting spray) . .Karla Powell, Head of MUA's Make-up Artistry describes the product as  
"Makeup Setting Sprays are used to create a luminous finish after you have applied your makeup. Not only do they allow your skin to remain hydrated, but they work as a moderate sealer, preventing your makeup from making a mess"
Ive always felt that after a few hours my make-up would disappear from my face , leaving me looking bare-faced and a bit tired . . this happened no matter what kind of foundation I applied  . . so when I first came across fixing mists I thought id like to try one but which one ? I looked up a few and they were all a bit expensive . .  I was hoping for something more budget friendly because I was only hoping to try one out . .
So then I came across the MUA fixing mist and decided to give it a go because 1 - I love MUA products & 2 - it was only £5.00, that was reasonable enough. .
I have to admit im a big fan of fixing mists now because I feel this one really does do its job - although there are a few cons but the pros outbalance these cons . .
Have a look at my pictures below & see for yourself

So the pictures im using were taken through-out the day when I was doing a long shift at work - 12.30 - 9.30 . . As I only get an hours lunch break I didn't want to waste it touching up my make-up so I thought this would be a great tester for the fixing mist
 At 11.00am my make-up appears flawless, by my lunch time at 4.00pm, my skin & make-up still appear to be flawless with a dewy finish, by the time I finally get home at 9.45pm my make-up is still put but I can notice a few blemishes have come out of hiding
& my T-zone appears kind of shiny . . During work - at around 7.00pm I took a look in the mirror and my make-up still looked in place . .
To give this product the benefit of the doubt - I think the flash used at 9.45pm may have made my skin appear a lot shiner than it actually was . . Overall though id give this product a good 7/8 out of 10 & I will be repurchasing again ..

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