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Saturday, 23 November 2013

I see trees are green

Hey everyone  - How have you all been ? Ive had a super duper busy week which meant I couldn't blog very much but im back today with a few images of my day trip I took today . . I got some gorgeous shots for my blog ..
I really love wearing navy and blues so Im really loving my outfit today . .I wore my grey boots, navy tights, new skirt, cream top and denim jacket . .I added my little hat to create a more autumn look . .
I decided to wear navy tights because there is a navy pattern on my skirt so rather than wearing grey, I thought the navy would embrace the pattern in the skirt. . I also thought that it helped 'break' my outfit as having a grey skirt, grey shoes & grey tights may have been a little tooooo much grey
Today in decided to spend the day outdoors rather than going shopping - im also recycling all of my clothes & re-wearing them because I think I have a lot of clothes that I never actually wear so its time to dust them off & get them on  - speaking of recycling I also went to the local car boot sale and got a stunning ring that im just crazy about - I think it will transform many outfits and it most definitely will be one of my key pieces for the next few weeks.
Really, how beautiful is Ireland ?



How gorgeous is my ring . .. im loving it & it was only £2.00 so BARGAIN 
My outfit details
Shoes - local shoe shop
Tights - Accessorize
Skirt - Monsoon - kids section
Top - H&M
Denim jacket - second hand / vintage
Hat - French connection
Happy Autumn

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