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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Burrrr Its cold

Well its official - Winter has arrived and I welcomed the new season by wearing my fur coat out on a recent night out . .I was given this coat as a present last year but by the time I got it, winter was over so I only got to wear it on a few occasions so im really excited to get its wear out of it this year !!
On Sunday night I headed out with friends for some drinks & dancing . .Because it was really chilly out I decided to wear a long sleeved top - I should have worn tights but I reallllyy wanted to wear my open toe heels so tights wouldn't really have went well . . 
I wore my leather skater skirt along with a colour splash printed long sleeved top teamed with a peterpan collar necklace, burgundy heels, bag & belt - I'm a fan of this colour and tend to accessorize a lot of my outfits with one burgundy item (its also a favourite colour this season). .
Because of the detailing on the top and my peterpan collar necklace, I decided to wear my hair in a high ballerina bun using my doughnut . .to add some sparkle to my hair I wore 3 small diamanté clips on the base of my bun (which aren't visible in the picture)  
I kept my eye make-up really natural with just a hint of mascara and a winged eye but went all out with my plum lippie from Nivea. .
My leather skirt is new and is from New Look - it was a steal at only £10.00 !! . . I will be wearing this for many different looks because its great for this season and is bang on trend . .
How ill wear it
Over a bodycon dress to create a top and skirt look
With patterned, glittery and plain tights, a pretty jumper / shirt and some black ankle boots for a casual look

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