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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My skin problem solved

From the age of 12 I suffered from rosacea which is a form of acne but instead of spots, the skin appears very red and raw and nothing could cover it up for me. I was really down about it because nothing I tried would work. I tried so many things such as not washing my face for a few days, cutting out every single piece of junk food, drinking double amount of water, buying very expensive make-up products and not putting anything on my skin at all. I literally tried everything in the book and as I was getting older I was getting more and more upset about my skin. I was really embarrassed and would often get upset at my appearance. 


After years of trying to solve the problem I decided that nature would run its course and I'd soon enough have my desired clear skin but turning 18 I still suffered very bad from the skin condition and it was getting worse, people would often ask me if I'd scratched my face or hit it against something. After a few times I began to get upset again and decided enough was enough and went to the doctors in April 2012.

When the doctor seen my face she did admit that it was unusual to see rosacea spread out over the cheeks, forehead and chin. Not only was my skin red and raw, it was bumpy and very dry so make up would cake on my skin and it looked awful.

I was prescribed a gel called Rozex gel. I was instructed to apply the gel twice daily. I chose to do this in the morning and at night. At the start I was pretty nervous because previous gels would have flaked off and made it look like my skin was peeling but to my amazement the gel made my skin feel really smooth and actually gave me a glow. Within two weeks there was a change in my skin. My left cheek was completely clear and my forehead was beginning to clear up but my right cheek was still very red and raw. I stuck with the gel and slowly but surely began to notice my entire face clearing up.

1 year later I've got the skin I always wanted and I can truly say I have a lot more confidence than I ever had. I will go days without wearing any make-up which before was scary for me even though it looked horrible over my skin. 

At the time my friends & family said my skin was fine but when they look back they tell me it was actually bad. But I follow a skincare routine now that I maintain and my face is still free from rosacea but I do get the odd spot here and there.

I use simple products because I find them the best for my skin - not everyone will agree but Ive tried a lot and find these products the best for me. 
Once a week I exfoliate my skin
Every morning I moisturize
Every night I cleanse, then tone, then moisturize 



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  1. you're still a beauty either way chick, glad you found something that works for you x