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Saturday, 23 November 2013

My Bargain Make-Up must have's

My Bargain Make-Up must have's
As a student I like to shop around and see what make-up is there for me which works within my budget range but also is of good quality. . Recently I found some great products from the Make-Up Academy, Accessorize, NYC & Collection 2000 range . .
The items I found
1. MUA Bold Mascara - £3.00
2. Collection Lipstick - £2.99
3. NYC Marker Eyeliner - £2.49
4. MUA Cream Blusher in Lush - £2.00
5. Accessorize Blusher - £5.00
6. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation - £5.99
7. MUA Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit - £3.50
8. MUA Fixing Mist - £5.00
Each item is of really good quality and I find some of these products work just as good, if not better, than more expensive products . . however I do like to use more expensive products such as urban decay and mac but I tend to be bought these as gifts but they are very long lasting. .
When I first came across the MUA range I was a bit wary as the prices are really cheap . . my first MUA product was a red lipstick a few years ago and I was surprised with how pigmented the colour appeared and how well it lasted on my lips - from then I was hooked on the brand . . Scroll down for reviews on the fixing spray & the mascara
 My very first foundation that I began using was from Collection and my sister would always buy me it as a treat, however I was too young to understand choosing the correct colour for my skin and how to apply foundation so I never thought it was a great product because it always appeared 'streaky'.  .that was until I got older and learnt how to apply make-up . . I was using rimmel wake me up and the body shop foundation before hand - however I really wanted a change and this foundation seemed very promising so I gave it a go . . I really love this foundation and I use it every day . .it covers my rosacea brilliantly and really evens out my skin tone - A must try girls !!
Im a big fan of blushers because I think they add a healthy rosy glow to your face . .my favourite at the minute are the accessorize blusher and the MUA cream blush . . the MUA blush gives me the colour and the accessorize blush gives me the glow with its hint of shimmer
I think of lipstick and eyeliner as an accessory to my face so every day im always changing them about . . I always wanted an orangey lipstick for the summer and in September I found a gorgeous coral colour from the Collection 2000 ..as I loved it so much I got another more natural colour shade perfect pink . .  the eye liner im using is from NYC and is the marker style which I find a lot easier to use and a lot more sturdy as it stays in place all day compared to liquid liners which I feel smudge and rub off after a few hours of wear  . . .
I used all of the products above to create this finished make-up look that I wear every day . .

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